PSL coaches – the spaghetti highway

Jomo Sono
Mark Harr ison

on Gord d n Igesu

B Ba afa fa na na

Mu Ert hsin ug ral

st Ern rp do en dd Mi

s an rer ric nde f A a W

San tos

n ica Afr rriors Wa

Orlando Pirates

Ajax n Cape Tow

nga Mpumala ces Black A

Bloemfo Celtic ntein

a rok Mo llows a Sw

Ch Uni ippa ted

rg bu ted z t i i ar n M U

F St ree ar St s at e

n lde s Go row Ar

Ma Ra nnin ng g ers

Jomo os Cosm

Mam Sund elodi owns

Kaizer Chiefs

Photos: Backpagepix


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