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Tess M.


Skills: Experience
Healthline Media 2nd largest consumer health website
with over 60 million monthly visitiors
Assistant Editor Jan. 2016 Present
AP Style Manage a team of 20-25 freelance writers
Research, assign out, and edit 4060 articles per month
Use SEO findings to create comprehensive topic centers on head terms
Pitch social and lifestyle content, including a three-part series with
SEO bestselling author Kay Bransford on what it means to be a caregiver
Editorial Assistant Oct. 2015 Dec. 2015
Helped launch the prevelance project, a wide-scale effort to add
engaging statistics to our topic centers
Social Media Trained to take over the clinical content team while the lead editor was
out on maternity leave

Click Magazine
Monthly regional magazine
with a circulation of 16,000
Freelance Contributor June 2013 Present
Write for various departments, including Arts, Books, and Music
Compile service journalism packages, including 2014s cover story Made
InDesign in the MidSouth and 2015-17s Real Weddings
Create complete event and calendar text each month
Assistant Editor June 2014 Aug. 2014
Proofed, edited, and wrote copy for each issue
Organized, researched, and pitched potential profiles and packages

Vox Magazine Weekly city magazine with

a circulation of 10,000
Awards: Managing Editor May 2015 Aug. 2015
Oversaw team of 25 editors, writers, designers and photographers
AEJMC 2015
Maintained daily budget tracking all editorial and multimedia content
First Place, The Death Penalty Assigned stories and ensured all deadlines were met
in Missouri from A to Z,Vox
Magazine, Consumer Magazine
Music Editor Jan. 2015 May 2015
Pre-reported stories for Music, front-of-book and back-of-book
Article, Investigation and Analysis Worked one-on-one with writers to shape department and feature content
Edited and fact-checked 712 page feature packages, including
Second Place, Notes From the 2015s True/False Film Festival
Underground,Vox Magazine,
Consumer Magazine Article, Education
Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri
AEJMC 2014
Third Place, T/F State of Mind, Bachelor of Journalism,
Vox Magazine, Single Ongoing emphasis in magazine writing and editing
Magazine, General Excellence August 2011 May 2015