Among the scriptures of the Hindu Religion, ''Tantra-Sastra" is a prominent bran ch.

In this branch the aspirant considers the Supreme as dya Sakti'(primordicil energy) . There are about ,64 principal texts. Most of them are collections of question answer s essions between Siva and Parvati. The part where goddess Parvati' s questions have been . , - answered by Lord Siva is grouped as the "Agama"-while the part where Lord Siva's questions have been answered by goddess Parvati is grouped a.s the "Nigama" aspe cts. Is Tantra a science or an occult? How does it reach the Truth? There is differen ce o( opinion among the scholars and the devotees in answering these questions. Simila rly there is difference of opinion about the interpretations of word Matrka in the name Ma l[kiiBheda Tantram. · . The various Spiritual devotees try to achieve the truth in Various ways some-by satisfying the senses ( Pravrttimarga) and others by extirpating the senses (Niv rttimarga) .. Here the Tantra differs from the Yoga.

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