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Published by Kaushal Sahu
SWOT for Adventures India
SWOT for Adventures India

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Published by: Kaushal Sahu on Oct 19, 2013
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STRENGTH Strong brand name in south India Wide reach through franchise Promoter has strong experience Training & workshop keeps employees updated Image building exercises

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WEAKNESS Only 22% of franchise active Difficulty in getting employees for franchise Lack of training to employees at franchise Not so good relations between some BDs of co. & franchise owners

OPPORTUNITY SO- STRATEGY  Commodity market still in  Aggressive marketing developing stage in India  Virtual training programs and e  Currency market gaining learning modules volume  Growing penetration of internet

WO- STRATEGY  Rigorous procedure for selection of franchise  Centralised in-house training department  Performance appraisal  Employee Grievance Redressal mechanism WT- STRATEGY  Merger with firms in emerging countries 

THREAT ST- STRATEGY  Slowdown in emerging  Diversification into currency markets and other fee based services  Slowing growth rate in China, largest consumer of commodities  Introduction of Commodity Transaction Tax of 0.01% on Nonagricultural commodity futures: to have marginally negative impact on the commodity segment

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