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Fort Harrison Newsletter

Fort Harrison Newsletter

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Published by Tony Ortega
The exciting doings at the Fort Harrison Hotel in October, 2013
The exciting doings at the Fort Harrison Hotel in October, 2013

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Published by: Tony Ortega on Oct 19, 2013
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October 2013 | Issue #12





Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization P.O. Box 31751 Tampa, Florida 33631-3751, U.S.A. e-mail: flagserviceorg@flag.org

and we are virtually upon a new Golden Age of Tech Phase II full release and the opening of the new Flag Building. According to record-breaking statistics of well over 4,400 attendees, it is likely that you have been at recent Graduations so you know this to be true. Now is the time to pour on the coals and complete your current service. Get through the full LRH Basics lineup. Make sure you are READY. And if you are, continue. Since you are here, you are able to avail yourself of the benefits that the Golden Age of Tech Phase II has to offer. As always, The Fort Harrison is here to service you, with a full complement of staff to ensure that all your needs are catered to! In this month's edition, we cover the weekend activities of Flag Graduation, Saturday Late Nite Café, Family Day and Hibiscus Unplugged; What's new and/or popular in The Fort Harrison Restaurants (with some interesting culinary history); Results from our September Floral Photography Game and a view to what is coming in the near future. Thanksgiving is still on the calendar and, as you will heartily agree, we have more to give thanks for in 2013 than any other year in our history. We will make sure it is over-the-top! All you have to do is arrive! See you at The Fort Harrison!


do we stand and what is in store?


Friday Flag Graduation, entertainment & family fun

secrets to a great burrito and their origins

a new unique Italian dish

Chicken Quesadillas take on a whole new dimension





Late Nite Café
Saturday Nights • Poolside • 8:30pm


Water games, delicious food and fun for the whole family!
Join us for Family Day every Sunday with Garden brunch from 11:00am to 2:00pm, then our BBQ from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Enjoy:
• Painting • Water Games • Glitter "tattoos" • Bowling • Entertainment • Bubble Making • Spin Art • Theme Games • Kayaking • Smoothies And more!



From Los Angeles, New OT ® VIII, Karla is versatile in jazz, R&B, country and Caribbean music. She has participated in various recording projects and has a cool album of her own.



• Face Painting • Swimming • Games • Arts & Crafts • Ping-pong • Basketball

Both Bob and Michael are talented musicians in their own rights, but when you put them together, their combined voices and harmonies are amazing to behold. They will take you right to the top of the Tone Scale.

Sunday Nights • Hibiscus Restaurant • 8:30pm




Having been performing from the age of 5, Carlos, who is now 31 is multitalented at vocals, guitar, trumpet, piano, bass and Latin percussion.



Brenda has a personal style with the strength of the old soul singers and great vocal power. Together with Karla's versatile voice ranging from rock/pop/country to lilting ballads, makes them a captivating combination.

HEN FEATURING A PARTICULAR DISH from a certain "country" of origin, on occasion it reveals a genesis as something quite different. Let's take the Burrito, figured by most to be Mexican. Truth be told, the roots are there, but this simple formula has been embellished to such a degree that no one purist could lay claim to one recipe or another as being the authentic. The burrito origin dates back to the recent past, 1922 being the first documented at a roadside cafe in Tucson, Arizona. However, the little cafes in the dusty towns of Chihuahua, Mexico, just south of our borders, is where it is considered to have originated. northern region, corn grows poorly but wheat does well. Thus, in the late 19th century, some unsung villager invented the flour tortilla. Sometime afterward someone rolled the tortilla around some meat and named it burrito after the burro colts that are born to pack animals of the region. Though there are a number of theories, the name probably came about because newborn burros are fat and cute. Those original Chihuahua burritos were – and still are – simple affairs: meat, a little sauce, some onions. The embellishments came years later. In fact, the first mention of a burrito in any publication was the Los Angeles Times in 1958, the same year it appeared in the Oxford Dictionary. We've certainly made up for lost time. It seems the burrito has been around forever. One could say with some accuracy that the typical burrito is made with meat, beans and rice. One interesting side note here: while the Aztecs did partake of beans (a good, high protein, high fiber food) they couldn't serve them in the style we call "refried" because they did not have lard or other cooking oils. The term "refried" was horribly misunderstood and considered to mean the beans were fried twice. In fact, it comes from the Spanish word "refrito" which originally meant "thoroughly cooked". The mistranslation has carried right through to today. Feel brighter? Now, when one talks of embellishments, today you can get burritos in U.S. restaurants of infinite variety, including Chinese Pork, Breakfast Burritos, Thai Chicken, Polish Kielbasa and the more modern variation called "the wrap" which has the tortilla itself made out of such ingredients as spinach, cheese, tomato and bell pepper.

Suffice to say that the burrito is a platform for creativity and frankly the sky is the limit as to what can make a burrito a tasty morsel. The Hibiscus Beef Burrito is honed to the more "traditional" simple recipe: prime shredded beef, beans and just a little rice with secret spices only the Hibiscus knows. Wrap in a lightly toasted tortilla and top with triple-cut lettuce, diced tomatoes and avocado and you have a delicious burrito. Only the Hibiscus could make it taste this good. Come by, ask for Luca. If you wish to make a group booking, call (727) 467-5000 Ext 441510, or hibiscus@fortharrison.org


Why didn't someone think of the burrito earlier? Let's go back to the 14-16th century when the Aztecs ruled Mexico. At that time, the burrito was not even possible: the staple grain was corn to which they added turkey, duck, seafood with avocado, tomatoes and chillies. They did not have wheat flour or pigs, chickens or beef until around 1519, when it was introduced by the Spanish who conquered them. Fast forward a few hundred years and we find the birth of the flour tortilla in Chihuahua. Being in the


he other day a Fort Harrison guest came into

the Garden Restaurant. He is a native of Avellino, Italy. He noticed the ripe cherry tomatoes on the salad bar and had a bright idea. He called for Daniele, the Italian Garden chef, and asked him could he make "un piatto semplice" (a simple dish), done the Italian way using "ciliegini" (cherry tomatoes). Daniele, of course, immediately set himself to this task to make something really delicious. Daniele took garlic, diced it and fried it "soffritto" (slightly fried) in Italian oil, then added a handful of cherry tomatoes, half a pinch of salt, allowing it to cook for just a few minutes. Meantime, the Italian pasta was put to boil. This is classic spaghetti "al dente" (literally "to the tooth" meaning it is cooked so as to be still firm).

The pasta and cherry tomatoes were tossed together with a garnish of freshly grated parmesan cheese and a basil leaf. This took less than 30 minutes. But the product? One very happy guest. He couldn't believe how fast and how simple, but how tasty. And, if you take a look, the dish even reflects the colors of the Italian flag: white, red and green! You can enjoy this dish now at the Garden. It is called "Avellino-style Fresh Tomato Pasta". For more information, contact Pamela at (727) 467-5000 Ext 441530, or garden@fortharrison.org


uesadillas have got to be one of the best

exports from Mexico. Simple ingredients, simple execution and, if made right, very tasty. They are an extremely popular dish, whether a straight cheese or mixed with a variety of meats and vegetables. However, if you are looking for fresh ingredients and flavor, go no further than the Hourglass. Let's take their Chicken Quesadilla. Firstly, everything is made in-house. The chicken–specifically the thigh which is the most flavorful part–is marinated for 3 days in a sealed environment to maximize the flavor. The chicken is then grilled on a chargrill which gives that great, strong, smoky flavor. This is vital for Mexican-style cooking. Next, take the tortillas and caramelize them in a hot pan. Add white aged cheddar until nicely melted.

The quesadillas are served hot with fresh tortilla chips, sour cream, salsa and guacamole. We cannot give away the salsa or guacamole recipes, but know that they are fresh and authentic and taste just amazing. See you here!
For more information, contact Elizabeth at (727) 467-5000 Ext 441550, or hourglass@fortharrison.org Don't forget our free Wi-Fi!

The Fort Harrison

s promised, our flower arrangement photography game results were to be announced in this issue. There were a number of hot contenders and this was endearing because you really showed how much these floral arrangements mean to you. In Scientology, everyone wins. Thus all entries were awarded a complimentary beverage or dessert at a Fort Harrison restaurant. Congratulations for being interested, being a participant and sharing the aesthetics with others. To pick the winner was a difficult decision. All were so good. So, here are the results:

Photography Game Results


TWO WINNERS! Marie Deflorio Patricia Nemeth CONGRATULATIONS!
Marie took some beautiful images (right) and impressed the Editorial panel who were convinced that she shot, not only every floral arrangement, but every plant on The Flag Land Base! Her enthusiasm was irresistible! Patricia also took some very creative, beautifully shot large arrangements as well as close-ups (below). Again congratulations! Patricia and Marie are each awarded dinner for two at the Hibiscus Restaurant!

Join us at Flag's Famous Thanksgiving Dinner
on Thursday, November 28th where you will enjoy a spectacular culinary spread starting with international cheeses and artisan breads to a multitude of autumn salads. The feature is the traditional turkey with stuffing and dressing along with a choice of butcher block and ocean fare plus an array of harvest vegetables and a sweet finale of decadent desserts.

Thanksgiving Long Weekend: Take time to move up The Bridge


or progress on the Basics. Also enjoy the mild, sunny Florida weather at the Fort Harrison with special brunches, family fun, poolside activities, bouncy house and cool entertainment at Late Nite Café and Hibiscus Unplugged.

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact Lorie Houghton at 467-6326 or e-mail: lhoughton@fortharrison.org

From the Editor:


has called The Fort Harrison home since 1975. It is here to service you and has equally been called home by thousands of Scientologists. We want to keep you informed of all the activities and news, and to welcome you, your friends and your family here. There is always something happening at Flag, and it is all for YOU. Write us and let us know which events and activities you like the best and any other activities you would like to add.

The Fort Harrison Newspaper is for you to know what's happening so you can attend or put on your own event and help us create an even better community. If there is anything you would like added to The Fort Harrison Newspaper, contact us. We will be happy to hear from you. Know that Flag is your home and we want you to fully utilize our services and facilities.

Write to: promo@cos.flag.org
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