LAW 3201- Business Law

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Course Title Course Code Department Prerequisite Course Credit Minimum Contact Hours Term : : Business Law : LAW 3201 : Business : MGT 2102 : 3 : 45

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This course provides an introduction to the institutions, doctrines and methodology of law in a business context and comparison with UAE/GCC federal legal system, sources and courts. It encompasses a selection of topics in business law such as the law relating to contract, agency, employment and the sale of goods. Business law is at the core of commerce; hence this course also deals with the study of various aspects of business and personal law, focusing on areas that have significance in students’ everyday lives, such as employment law, consumer protection, installment loans and contracts, etc. 4.

Course objectives
The purpose of this course is to analyze Business Law and related statutes in UAE/GCC. The course looks at the impact business law has on business managers. It deals with law from a firm Macro perspective and a Micro perspective. The student will study how managers make business related decisions at work and how law influences such decisions. The students will learn how to think, speak and write and apply deductive reasoning to basic legal and ethical problems in Business Law.


Course outcomes:

1. Identify the sources of law, function and role of courts in UAE/GCC 2. Explain the importance of the essential elements required for the formation of

a valid contract
3. Examine the laws regulating business formation and dissolution in UAE/GCC 4. Analyze case studies that illustrate dilemmas in business ethics. 5. Apply appropriate remedies to contracts which have discharged by breach

sources. and federal courts system.6. Introduction to Chapter contracts 10-18 • • • • • • • • Definition Nature Invitation to offer Counter offer Battle of forms Postal rule Ethical issues Rules of offer in UAE Chapter 10-18 Classroom Lecture Discussion Online practice quiz Assignme 2 & 4 nt 1 Mid-term & final exam 3 Elements of contract • • Offer acceptance and mutual agreements Classroom Lecture Discussion Online practice Assig nment 1 Mid-term & final 2&4 Page 2 of 8 . Syllabus: Topics to be covered Wee k 1 Topics An introduction to the law • • • • • • • • • Definition of law Sources of Law Statute Delegated Legislation Judicial Precedent Court System Legal Person UAE commercial law Learnin g Resourc e Chapter 1-4 Learning activities Classroom lecture Discussion Online practice quiz Assessm ent Tools Learning Outcomes Quiz 1 1 Mid-term & final exam 2 Comparison with the UAE federal legal system.

Wee k Topics • • ethical issues Rules of acceptance in UAE Learnin g Resourc e Learning activities quiz Assessm ent Tools exam Learning Outcomes 4 Consideration • • • rules of consideration Rules of consideration in uae privity Chapter 10-18 Lecture Practice Discussion Online practice quiz Assignme nt 1 Mid-term & final exam 2 5 Competent parties • • minors mentally insane people Chapter 10-18 Lecture Practice Discussion Online practice quiz Lecture Discussion Assignme 2 nt 1 Mid-term & final exam 6 Legal purpose contracts • of Chapter 10-18 Comparison on the practical issues of business contracts according to the UAE commercial law Presentation Discussion Online practice quiz Assignme 2 nt 1 Mid-term & final exam 7 Breaching of contract Chapter and remedies available 19-22 • • • Discharge of contract Remedies available In UAE/GCC context Case 5 Study1. Mid term & Final exam 8 9 Mid-term Examination Introduction to the Chapter business organizations 36-43 • • General partnership LLP Lecture Case 3 Study 2 & final exam Page 3 of 8 .

Chapter 44-48 Lecture Assignm 3 Case Study ent 2 5 Due 13th week 13 Ethics and law • • • Business ethics Creating ethical code of conduct Approaches to ethical reasoning Chapter 5 Lecture Assignm 4 Case Study ent 2 6 Due: 13th Week Final exam 14 Revision Recap Discussion Review Presentation Course Review Q/A 15 Final Examination Page 4 of 8 .Wee k Topics • Corporation Learnin g Resourc e Learning activities Assessm ent Tools Learning Outcomes 10 Introduction to the Chapter business organizations 36-43 • • Formation Dissolution And Lecture Presentation Discussion Case 3 Study 2 & final exam In UAE/GCC Context Chapter 44-48 Lecture Discussion Case Study 4 Assignm 3 ent 2 & final exam 11 Statute law governing business • Acts governing business in UAE 12 Statute law governing business • Introduction to UAE Business Organizations with reference to the UAE Commercial Companies Law of 1984 and its possible amendments.

United Arab Emirates Court of Cassation Judgements 1998-2003. For all case study activities. ISBN: 9780415666954 • Richard Price. presentations using power point slides. (Arab and Islamic Laws Series. Business Law: Text and Cases . Some session may require internet connection to discuss real case laws. Ethical. The mid and the final examinations are practical based examinations. Katherine El Alami . 12th ed . Roger LeRoy Miller. The class activities are to be completed within the class hour. students are required to read and discuss about each cases and answer the questions. Frank B. Business Laws of The United Arab Emirates Looseleaf. Clarkson. Any solutions to assignments. exams or projects presented for Page 5 of 8 . After 7th week there will be Mid-term Examination and the Final examination will be on 15th week. southern wester Cengage. Assessment Methods and Plan Student’s performance will be assessed based on assignments. Global. Other course requirements Students are encouraged work together as group with other classmates in order to help high-level understanding of the material presented in the course. quizzes. UK. Course Methodology This course is delivered in a classroom environment as lectures. Essam Al Tamimi.7. Students are encouraged to be more interactive with instructor and fellow students. mid-term and final examination. 8. ISBN: 978-0538470827 • Dawoud El Alami. The quiz is written test which has to be completed in the lecture hour.Legal. 2005 . presentations and class activities and review writing as mentioned in the course calendar. Learning Resources Textbook: • Kenneth W. Lexgulf Publishers Ltd. The assignments are due the following week. 17) Brill Journals • Journal of Business Ethics 10. and Corporate Environment. The final examination will consist of the material from the second half of the semester. rout ledge publisher.2009. 9. Essays and Addresses on Arab Laws. ISBN: 9781907229015 References: • W. Ballantyne 2011. M. Cross 2012. Students have to strictly follow the deadline instructions failing which the students will not be awarded marks for that particular assessment method.

Academic Dishonesty Students are expected to maintain integrity of the course by honest behavior and by avoiding plagiarism. (3. 10% 20% 10% 10% 20% 30% 12. collusion and cheating. ECMIT always entertain student to present his/her work experience and ideas to make more sessions interactive and to keep aligned with the current technology. and must make arrangements with the lecturer for catching up on material missed.5) C=70-74%. (2. (1. (4.5) D=60-64% ( must be work created on their own. Applicable Policies Continuous Assessment Scheme • • • • • • Class Participation and attendance Assignments (2X10) Quizzes Case Study(2X5) Mid-Term Exam Final Exam Grade Calculation& Points A=90-100%. (3. accident.0) C+=75-79%. (2.0) F=0-59% (0.0) Attendance Policy Students are required to attend a minimum of 70% of all classes for every course. There are special forms for dealing with excessive absences.5) B=80-84%. and on all coursework’s. Mapping of Learning Outcomes and Assessments Grade Weightage Mapping with Course Outcomes 1 2 3 4 Learning 5 Assessment Page 6 of 8 . Students who do not fulfill this requirement endanger their academic success. If the cause of absence is illness.0) B+=85-89%. the student must notify the instructors and the Division Chair in writing.0) D+=65-69%. Practical work includes the student to engage with the knowledge about how market works 11. or a similar event. Penalty for Dishonesty Refer: The “ECMIT Academic Dishonesty & Misconduct Policy”.

Mapping Outcomes Course Outcomes of Course Outcomes with Program Business goals Learning Goal 1 1 1 a b Goal 2 2 2 a b x Goal 3 3 3 a b x Goal 4 4 4 a b Goal 5 5 a x 5 b 5 c x Goal 6. Identify the sources of law. 6 6 a b Goal 7 7 7 a b 1. Apply x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x appropriate x to by x x x x x x x x remedies discharged Page 7 of 8 contracts which have . Explain the of for the the x x x x x x elements importance essential required contract 3. Analyze case studies that illustrate dilemmas in x business ethics 5. Examine formation of a valid the laws regulating business x formation and dissolution 4.Quiz Class participation attendance Assignment1 Assignment 2 Case Study Mid-Term Exam Final Exam 10% & 10% x x x x x 10% 10% 10% 20% 30% x x x x x x x x x x x x x 13. function and x role of courts 2.

Chair. Business …………………………………………… ……………………………….breach 14. Certification This course is authorized for use by ………………………………………… …………………………………. Course Instructor Date Date Page 8 of 8 .

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