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MGT 4001 – Managing Professional Development

1. Course Information
Course Title Course Code Department Prerequisite Co-requisite Semester Course Credit Minimum Contact hours : : : 3 credit hours 45 hours : : : : : Managing Professional Development MGT 4001 Management GE 3103 None

2. Instructor Information
Name of Instructor Contact Information Email Office Hours : : : :

3. Course Description
This course strives to enable students to assess and develop a full range of personal skills with a view to improving the professional skills required in the workforce. It will also help to develop the student’s knowledge of how to improve execution of the roles required to be played by employees – organizing and managing. It will further help to improve on-the-job performance of an individual to promote self enhancement in terms of both personal and professional knowledge.

4. Course Objectives
This course will help the students understand and practice the professional skills needed to make a difference in the organization of the future as a career advantage. Besides academics, other skills as relationship building, effective selfpresentation, self-confidence, and motivation enable the students to excel in the world of work and continue to grow personally and professionally.

3 3 Lifelong Learning Chapter 1 Classroom Lecture Case Study Case Study Q/A work 1. Assess and develop a full range of personal skills with a view to improving professional skills.4 . 3. 6.2.4 1. 4. Course Learning Outcomes Students on completion of the course will be able to 1. Determine how development.3.3.3 4 5 Assessment of Learning Effective learning Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Lecture Discussion Lecture Class Activity Quiz 2 Assignmen t2 Due: 6th 2.5.2. Analyze self management in relation to effective team management with a view to meeting objectives. self-management of learning will lead to lifelong 2. Implement a system of continual review of personal and professional development plan. Course Calendar Wee k Topics Learnin g Resour ce Chapter 1 Learning activities Assessme nt Tools Learning Outcome s 1 Self-Managed learning Classroom lecture Discussion Quiz 1 1 2 Learning Styles Chapter 1 Classroom Lecture Discussion Assignmen t1 Due: 4th week Mid Term Exam 1.

4 7 Interpersonal Skills and Transferable skills Working with others Revision and Mock Test Chapter 2 Recap Quiz 3 Discussion Review 1.2.4 13 Skills and competencies Development Plan Chapter 4 1.3.4 8 9 Communication styles and techniques Mid Term Examination Chapter 2 Lecture Discussion Lecture Presentatio n Discussion Chapter 3 Lecture Discussion Case Study 3 Prioritizing workloads Using time effectively Deadlines Case Study Q/A Assignmen t3 Due: 12th Week 1.4 10 Communication methods Delivery formats Communication methods Chapter 2 1.4 Quiz 3 k Topics Learnin g Resour ce Learning activities Assessme nt Tools Learning Outcome s week Mid Term Exam 6 Approaches to learning Self-Appraisal Chapter 1 Presentatio n Discussion Presentatio n 1.3.3. 11 Time Management 12 Professional and personal development Chapter 4 Lecture Case Study 4 Lecture Case Study 5 Quiz 4 Case Study Q/A Case Study Q/A .3.3.

For all case study activities. The final examination will consist of the material from the second half of the semester. The final examination is conducted during the 15th week. The mid-term exam conducted during the 8th week will consist of the syllabus from the first half of the semester.3. (because of personal emergency. The mid-term and final examinations will constitute a significant portion of overall grade.Wee k Topics Learnin g Resour ce Learning activities Assessme nt Tools Learning Outcome s 14 Portfolio building Revision Mock Test Chapter 4 Recap Discussion Review Presentatio n Course Review Q/A 1. quizzes and case study given as mentioned in the course calendar. students are required to read about and discuss each case and answer the questions. unless the student submits an “Incomplete coursework” in order to get an “I” grade upon the agreed terms/conditions after 2 weeks of start of the next semester. falling sick) misses the mid-term or final examination he/she should report immediately to the course instructor and the Vice President Academic Affairs for an appropriate action to be taken.2. presentations using PowerPoint slides. automatically this “I” grade becomes “F” if the student does not fulfill the requirements of the course. Incomplete course work or missing out any examination will result in “F” grade. mid-term and final examination. 8. After 7th week . Students have to strictly follow the deadline instructions failing which the students will not be awarded marks for that particular assessment method. Students are encouraged to be more interactive with instructor and fellow students.4 15 Final Examination 7. Assessment Methods and Plan Student’s performance will be assessed based on assignments. If a student for some reason. Course Methodology This course is delivered in a classroom environment as lectures.

J. Warren and Goldsmith. ISBN 13: 978-07382-09-050 Magazines: Business Week.there will be Mid-term Examination and the Final examination will be in the 15th week.. ECMIT always encourages students to present their work experience and ideas to make sessions more interactive and to keep updated with the current trends. Curphy G. Joan (2003).L. Fortune 500 NewsPaper: The Economic Times 10. Applicable Policies Continuous Assessment Scheme • • • • • • • Class Activities(Case Study. Learning Resources Required Text Book: BPP Learning Media ( 2010) Management: Leading People and Professional Development Pub: Amazon ISBN: 978-0-7517-9041-2 Additional Resources: Hughes R.C. Fortune 500. 9. Other Course Requirements Students are encouraged to work together as a group with other classmates in order to help high-level understanding of the material presented in the course. Any solutions to assignments. Harvard Business Review.. exams or projects presented for credit must be work created on their own. Ed. 11. Attendance) Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Mid-Term Exam Quiz Assignment 3 Final Exam 10% 5% 5% 20% 10% 20% 30% . (2009) Leadership. Learning to Lead: A Work book on Becoming a Leader. Ginnett R.Enhancing the Lessons of Experience (6th Edition) ISBN: 978-007-126359-7 Bennis. 3rd.

5) C=70-74%.0) B+=85-89%. There are special forms for dealing with excessive absences.5) D=60-64% (1. Penalty for Dishonesty Refer: The “ECMIT Academic Dishonesty & Misconduct Policy. and on all coursework’s.0) Attendance Policy Students are required to attend a minimum of 70% of all classes for every course. (4. accident.” 12. (2. the student must notify the instructors and the Division Chair in writing.5) B=80-84%. (3. (2. Students who do not fulfill this requirement endanger their academic success. If the cause of absence is illness.0) F=0-59% (0.0) D+=65-69%. or a similar event. (1.0) C+=75-79%. and must make arrangements with the lecturer for catching up on material missed.Grade Calculation & Points A=90-100%. (3. collusion and cheating. Mapping of Learning Outcomes and Assessments Assessment Grade Weighta ge 10% Mapping with Course LOs 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x Attendance. Class . Academic Dishonesty Students are expected to maintain integrity of the course by honest behavior from their fellow students and avoid plagiarism.

Mock Tests Quiz Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Mid-Term Exam Assignment 3 Final Exam 10% 5% 5% 20% 20% 30% x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 13... Business Department Date ……………………………………………………………………………. Certification This course is authorized for use by: …………………………………………………………………………….Participation. Chair. …………………………………. …………………………………. Course Instructor Date .

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