TeraCopy Change Log Version 2.

27 Added: Added: Added: Added: Fixed: Fixed: Added: 'Remove other' to remove non-selected files from the list [Pro]. Better handling multiple copy processes. Multiple retries to delete source files and folders after moving. Tray notification when adding files to the existing process. Problem with some non-latin filenames. Copied files now have a correct creation time. WaitBeforeMinimize option to ini file.

Version 2.22 Added: All exe files and installer are digitally signed. Added: Export filelist to HTML (sortable columns) and CSV files [Pro]. Changed: Graphical buttons intead of pseudo-graphical. Changed: If Shutdown option is selected, batch file PowerOff.cmd will be launch ed. Fixed: Transfer.log now written in Unicode. Fixed: Renaming multiple files with same name. Fixed: Waiting for other processes to finish testing after copying. Version 2.2 Fixed: Mounted volumes detection when choosing same/different devices mode. Version 2.2 beta 3 Added: Option 'CardReader' to ini file. Specify a device name to unmount volumes instead of ejecting card reader . Added: Added: Fixed: Fixed: Better USB devices ejection. Option 'ForceSameDriveMode' to ini file. Crush when testing md5 files. Always test target folder and request admin privileges if needed.

Version 2.2 beta 2 Added: Language files (can be corrected with Poedit). Added: Ejection of source/target removable drives, mounted volumes detection. Version 2.2 beta Added: Localisation. Added: Added: Added: Added: Added: Prevent system to enter sleep state. Moving files on same drive w/o enumerating files. Option to eject removable drives New browse for folder dialog. Ignore system reparse points.

Fixed: Auto-resume all files. Fixed: Windows reported wrong file sizes on Mac drives. Fixed: Moving file with same name as folder. Version 2.12 Fixed: Copy not started automatically. Added: Multi-monitor support.

Fixed: Deleting files without CRC test in move operation (#38). Added: handling long file paths (>256 characters).1 Fixed: Error in CRC check of large files when moving.05 Added: Option to use system write cache (#30). etc). Version 2. Auto-hiding waiting TeraCopy windows.0 nightly build (May 31) Added: Added: Added: Fixed: Fixed: Progress indicator in Windows 7 Taskbar. Added: /Close switch. Version 2. Fixed: Works better with UAC protected folders now. Version 2." entry in the 64-bit Explorer context menu. Version 2. Version 2. Version 2. Version 2. Version 2.0 nightly build (June 21) Added: Additional check if Admin mode required to write files to the root folde r. Problem with 7-Zip.5b4.0 nightly build (June 18) Added: "TeraCopy. Use for better compatibility with antiviruses and ftp-drives. (#69).ini file. . Fixed: Error in waiting processes (#124).0 nightly build (June 16) Added: CheckFreeSpace option in options... Added: TeraCopy Links helper app. Trim file errors. Version 2. Fixed: Skipping files in move operation (#39). Fixed: few minor bugs.01 Added: Links helper app enhanced.Added: Run additional app on finish (eject disk. Clearing read-only attribute when copying from optical drives. Added: SetFileValidData function to avoid file fragmentation. Version 2. Windows 7 Explorer.0 nightly build (June 10) Added: Support for Total Commander 7. Added: ini file settings: MaxPathLimit. NoClose.07 Fixed: Copy stops in the middle of operation (#52).0 Added: Few options to the configuration dialog. Fixed: Problem with some Unicode names (#44).

Version 2.0 beta 4a Fixed: TeraCopy64.Version 2. Version 2.dll. Same/different drives detection under Vista. Warning about FAT32 4gb file size limit.0 nightly build (Jan 14) Added: Manager that allows you pause/resume/switch to other TeraCopy windows. Fixed: Sizes in TB not displayed correctly. Moving files between remote UNC paths now faster.0 nightly build (Dec 28) Changed: Files added to end of queue if target folder is the same. . Version 2. Waiting processes now starts in correct order. Version 2. Added: "Run in Admin mode" button.0 beta 4 Added: Added: Fixed: Fixed: Register copy handler from TeraCopy Preferences window. Fixed: Hanging on same drive copy on single core CPU systems. Changed: Rename files by appending _(number). Added: Option to disable TeraCopy while Num Lock is ON.0 nightly build (Jan 31) Fixed: Files added to the end of queue if target folder and operation is the sa me. source files deleted immediately (after comparing size). Auto-switch to Admin mode for UAC protected folders. Version 2.0 nightly build (Dec 27) Fixed: TeraCopy now keep folders timestamp when copying. Added: 'WaitBeforeClose=N' option (ini file). Changed: Buffer for small files increased. Fixed: Setting as default copy handler under Vista Standard accounts. Set to 1000 for 1 second. New Browse for folder dialog with 'Make New Folder' button. Version 2. Version 2.dll: removed dependency to atl80. Changed: Test result displayed as 'N files match.0 nightly build (Dec 26) Changed: When moving. Version 2. Fixed: Problem with DEP resolved. N errors'. Problems with duplicating Windows Explorer File menu items. Fixed: Error when copying entire drive. Version 2.0 beta 3 Fixed: Access violation error when calculating CRC.0 beta 3 (Vista x64) Added: Support for Vista x64 (Use TeraCopy as default copy handler).0 nightly build (Feb 12) Added: Added: Added: Fixed: Fixed: Favorite target folders [Pro].

Added: 'TestAlways' option in the ini file. Adding files in the separate thread. Added: Drag destination folder to the "Copy" or "Move" buttons. Number of retries in the ini file. Added: Switches: /SkipAll /OverwriteOlder /RenameAll /OverwriteAll /NoClose ! Command line changed: TeraCopy.avi C:\My Documents TeraCopy. [Pro] Added: Show shell menu for any file in the file list. Copy|Move|Delete File.exe Move *C:\Temp\filelist. Added: Start new copy in a separate thread. .0 beta 2 Fixed: Added: Added: Added: High CPU usage.Changed: Sound is off by default. Version 1.25 beta Added: Option to run CRC test when file transfer is complete. Added: Support for 64 bit systems (beta). [Pro] Added: Open destination folder in Explorer. Fixed: Copying files to the root of the drive from Copy To menu.22 Fixed: Problem with running TeraCopy on some Vista systems.cmd C:\My Documents /OverwriteAll /NoCl ose Important! If you're using Total Commander.exe Operation [*]Source Target [/SkipAll] [/OverwriteOlder] [/Rename All] [/OverwriteAll] [/NoClose] Operation: Source: *Source: Target: Examples: TeraCopy. Version 1. Added: Option to save report and shutdown system after file transfer. Added: Reorder file list. Added: 'Always on top' option in the TeraCopy system menu.folder Path to filelist Destination folder Version 2. Added: Entry in the Explorer context menu. please change button parameter from Copy "%L" "%T" to Copy *"%L" "%T". Sound related settings in the ini file. Fixed: Free space detection. Added: Progress bar color settings.0 beta Changed: Small files are processed much faster. Fixed: Time left now displayed correctly on 12h systems. Version 2. Fixed: Folder attributes now copied. Added: sfv and md5 files support.exe Copy D:\Video. [Pro] Added: Play sound when operation is complete (>10 sec).

Added: Timer to auto-close confirmation dialogs (Application Data\TeraCopy\Opti ons.free. You can download it at http://ccollomb.02 Fixed: Handle file over 4 GB in size.Version 1. Added: Option to run Unlocker if destination file is used by another process. Version 1. Fixed: Keeping file attributes when copying. Added: Select: all files. Added: Copy/Move menu: displays current folders in Explorer and Total Commander .fr/unlocker Fixed: Dragging files out of Recycle Bin. Now files added to the end of file list.2 Added: Unicode support. in the same folder. Problem with 7-zip. Copy to My Network Places shortcuts. Version 1. with the same extension. (Pro ver sion) Create copy of folder by copy and paste at the same location.1 Added: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: . TeraCopy isn't handling files in the Temp folder now .ini).

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