CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Episode 704 (Production #704) “Fannysmakin’” Written by Dustin Lee Abraham Directed by Richard

J. Lewis Short Synopsis The spate of late-night attacks committed by a swarm of masked teenagers is brought to an end when the C.S.I. team figures out how to summon the swarm so that the police can surround and arrest them. Greg witnesses the death of the nineteen year-old that he injures in a desperate act of self-defense. Long Synopsis Shortly after the C.S.I. team starts investigating the similarities between two-late night beatings, Greg discovers an attack as it is occurring! In a desperate attempt to save the victim’s life, he drives his S.U.V. into the alleyway and is forced to defend himself against a masked teenager who is lunging at him, head-on, by accelerating! The injured bodies of Greg, the victim and the attacker (who is in critical condition) are all hospitalized. As the C.S.I. team begins to trace the numbers on the first victim’s cellphone to potential suspects, Grissom explains that the attackers are using a “swarming” strategy. Swarming is an ancient military tactic in which armies surround their enemies on all sides. It is the very reapplication of this technique that enables the C.S.I’s to summon the swarm to through a text message and then surround and arrest the swarm. Right after being thanked by the man whose life he saved, Greg witnesses the death of Demitrius James the nineteen year-old he has injured in self-defense. The C.S.I. team wonders at the nature of the teenagers who would commit so heinous a crime.

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