Assignment Outline Task 1


Table Of content Executive Summary    Purpose of creating this report is to overcome the problems that the organisation is facing up Ways of improving performance Applied Project management Process : o Estimation o Resource allocation o Schedule/Plan o Budgeting o Monitoring and control

Introduction       IT cost much more than budgeted. Organisation is in a jeopardy situation IT Organisation has become a vital competitive fields Organisation are using more and more technologies Compare how other organisation face up project failures Organisation can implement ways to improve the organisation performance

Findings  Four ways to improve project performance o Focus on managing strategy and stakeholders o Mastering technology and content (user involvement in creating software) o Building effective team o Applied Project management Process :  Estimation  Resource allocation  Schedule/Plan  Budgeting  Monitoring and control Methodologies (IT Governance, SSADM, Prince Methodology) to support Project Management Process

Conclusion  Organisation can achieve successful outcome through the help of IT and Business together Task 2       SWOT Boston Consulting Group Matrix NPV ROI Balance ScoreCard Weight Scoring Model Task 3   Advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing in the context of the organisation o Who will be affected Kallman and Grillo framework .

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