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No. 04-480 INTHE Supreme Court of the United States METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER STUDIOS INC., et al, Petitioners, X GROKSTER, LTD., etal., Respondents. (On Wart oF Certiorart To ‘THe Untren States Court oF APPEALS FoR THE Nit CiRcurT Brier Or Amicr Curiae Napster, LLC, Musicnet, Inc., Cinemanow, Inc., SEA BLue Mepia, LLC p/s/a Coicix, MovieLink, LLC, Tennessee Paciric Grour, LLC p//a Pass A.onc Networks, WURLD Mep1A, Inc., anp Vintuat Music Stores L1p. In Suerort OF Petitioners Baray L Stotwick Counsel of Record ‘AuexanprAN, DENEVE Lore & Lore LLP 345 Park Avenue New York, New York 10154 (212) 407-4000 Attorneys for Amici Curiae 92261 g 00) 27438 00) 39-689 i TABLE OF CONTENTS Page TABLE OF CITED AUTHORITIES iii IDENTITY AND INTEREST OF THE AMICI \ CURIAE ee 1 SUMMARY OF THE ARGUMENT ee ARGUMENT ......00000.0200cceeeeee 4 1. AMICI'S EFFORTS TO DEVELOP LEGALLY A NEW INDUSTRY USING a THE INTERNET ARE DAMAGED BY RESPONDENTS’ INFRINGING BUSINESSES. ........0.000005 . 4 A. Amici Have Created Business Models That Use The Internet To Distribute Content Legally. 4 B. Amici Are The True Innovators, Not The Respondents. steerer eeeee eee 6 C. Amici's Businesses Are Irreparably Damaged By Competing With Respondents’ “Free” Infringing Businesses. ...... os 8 ii Contents Page I. THE SUPREME COURT SHOULD CORRECT THE NINTH CIRCUIT'S i MISAPPLICATION OF THE SONY i STANDARD. .. 1 | CONCLUSION ........... seveceereeeeeee IS |