ISL Week 7 TASK: Read Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia. (1991). Compendium: A Handbook for ELT Teachers Vol 3.

Kuala Lumpur.

1. Selection and Adaptation of materials and activities.  Why Classroom materials need to be adapted o Uniqueness o Every  of each class in its own way (different

learningbackgrounds, attitudes, abilities and motivation) class has its own special needs, its own strengths

andweaknesses How to adapt materials 1. Involves adjusting the language level of the materials      Simplification of the materials Supplementing the materials with additional explanations, illustrationsand other support for the task Reducing the amount of language in the materials themselves or adding more difficult language into the materials Omitting any pictures or diagrams included 3 sources of difficulty for students: vocabulary, sentence length,grammatical structure 2. Involves providing context  Supplying familiar contexts and settings allows the exercises andexamples to become more interesting and real 3. Involves making the students’ task clear 2. Adapting commercially-produced materials  Range of commercially-produced materials: teaching kits, written tests,story books, games, books of exercises, work-books, sentence and wordcards, large and small pictures, slides, videos and others 3. in adapting commercially-produced materials:   Editing for errors Expanding

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