Date: 03.3.2010 JOB TITLE: Sales executive DEPARTMENT: Sales Department SUPERVISOR: Fast-food manger (Mr. Ahmed) JOB SUMMARY: The person in this job is responsible for the Sale of good &
services & to carry out strategy to meet sales goals which he is assigned. In addition the individual is responsible to take action where necessary to meet the goals for which he is responsible & communicate for product feedback & market trends.

• • • • • • • • To improve Sales and equipment. To assure development and effective work flow operations. To schedule work operations and transportation. To establish policies, objectives, and plans for overall sales profitability, productivity, marketing. To provide overall leadership functions. To assure efficient & coordination of department for maximum profitability, productivity, sales. Conducts regular participative meetings. Initiates the actions toward meeting broad goals.

• EDUCATION : Master degree with strong academic performance or work experience • EXPERIENCE: Product sale services experience is preferred. Minimum 2 years company experience in marketing function with knowledge of company product, sales & services. • SKILLS: Must have strong organizational skills. Must have excellent verbal & written communications skills & must be PC proficient. • OTHERS: limited travel experience

• • • To maintain the favorable climate To maintain a warn and friendly relationship with employees Cooperates with others in work

• Maintain the atmosphere of support .

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