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On the 8th of March, Hwa Chong organized an aeromodelling

competition between Bukit Batok Aeromodelling Club, an acrobatics
team, Singapore Polytechnic (SP), and of course, Hwa Chong itself.

We were out on the field first, demonstrating our line-controlled plane.

Following that, the Bukit Batok Aeromodelling Club made several
performances with their remote-controlled planes and helicopters,
including some stunts such as loops in midair.

Next up was the acrobatics team, with numerous tricks up their

sleeves. They released all 3 planes into the air, stunning the crowd
with their half-stall; flying vertically up, before releasing the throttle,
allowing the planes to fall vertically down.

Finally, came Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Sadly for them, a series of

unfortunate events followed. Their F-14 crashed, following their
Boeing-747, which got stuck in a tree beside the main road. Following
that, their other 3 planes crash-landed on the field.

But in any competition, there are always winners and losers. This event
was certainly a good way to spend a weekend. It was an enriching
experience for everyone, and a more-determined-than-ever Singapore
Polytechnic would probably return next year. 