Spiros Poros, a world renown Photographer began his Career in New York in 1994 shooting for prestigious magazines and many Record labels. He created a distinct style and 2 Years later he moved to Greece his birthplace and home. There he continued to become a very successful photographer. From 1996 until the past 2 months he worked rigorously in Europe & Greece for all the top major magazines such as: "Max, Playboy, Votre Beaute, Status, Nitro, Klik Men and many more" His moving artistic portraits have made him the favorites among some very high end Music/Record Label client such as: "Massive Attack, Michael Stipe from R.E.M, O -M-D, as well as others." As Spiros says" The most important thing for me is to generate an impression of Spontaneity – a trace of one's personality". This Characteristic has already begun to create a Buzz with in the US. Having only returned a few months ago the magazines and Music industry are rapidly responding to his energetic and Vibrant work, within one week Mr. Poros is already shooting his first International Vogue Cover. Spiros will become a sensation in America, as the creative world is always looking for Fresh and special talent that have a experience as well an edge to their work. This Spiros has. He states that: I spend most of my life in constant Denial, not wanting to know who I am. I do on the other hand desire knowledge – that special thing that tells me how to escape and where to escape to. It's just a struggle to get there, that’s the point that's all there is. I hope my photographs touch that feeling, they are who I am. America is watching and waiting to see what he shall do next.

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