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Sport Ed Model Scott Coderre Dr.

Mangano PHED 639 Softball

Table of Contents Season Pg. 3 Fair Play Pg. 4 Affiliation / Teams pg. 6-9 Duties/ Roles- pg. 11-14 Block Plan pg 15-19 Unit Outcomes pg. 20 Schedule pg 21-23 Modified game pg 24 Rules - pg 25 Quiz pg 26-27 Duty Roles/ Rotations pg 28 Skills Challenge pg 29 Awards pg 31 Statistics pg 35

A. Season: Softball 20 day season 30 Students in Class (16 male 14 female) 50 minute class periods, twice a week. Use outdoor Softball Field/ Turf field. - Softball field

Equipment: 35 softball gloves, 15 softballs.

Fair Play

Students will be told to..

Conduct themselves in a respectful manner to all opponents and teammates. Shake hands after each game Leave field the way they found it (clean up) Respect all calls during competition Participate in all activities and encourage teammates Show team spirit

Fair Play Assessment Rubric

Action Participation Fair Play Respect

Grade 1-3 1-3 1-3

Players will be graded on their participation, fair play, and respect of their teammates and opponents. A score of 9 gets them full credit for the class.

B. Affiliation:
Florida: - Jimmy Henderson- Junior. Jimmy is a highly skilled softball player with great hand-eye coordination. Great fitness level. Captain of the baseball team, great leader. Very smart individual, very outgoing. Good friends with Tom OLeary (teammates on the baseball team). Skill level 5. - Kerry Oki- Junior. Kerri is a mediocre softball player. She is a literate sports person. She stays fit through running/ yoga classes. Not a great leader, nor part of any athletic teams. Not shy, however doesnt enjoy taking charge in athletic situations. Great singer; tends to cling to her boyfriend in class (Brock Lee). Skill level 3. - Bill Buckner- Senior. Bill played baseball in his middle school years, but due to an unfortunate error involving a ground ball he lost confidence and decided not to play throughout high school. He is however a good athlete involved in soccer. Shy individual, tends to show up late to class. Doesnt seem to have good friends in class. Skill level 3. - Sue Bird- Senior. Sue has never played organized softball in her life. Her skill level is sub-par. However, she stays very fit through her vigorous cross country running. With little skill, she makes up for it by being an enthusiastic sports person. Very outgoing. Loves to talk and sometimes interrupts class doing so. Friends with everyone in class. Skill Level 2. - Trevor Blue- Junior. Trevor is a highly intelligent individual with little skill in any athletics. Doesnt necessarily stay fit, but tries to participate in all activities. Very high GPA and his favorite class is statistics. Not very outgoing, and tends to have very few friends in class. Skill level 1. Tennessee: - Brenda Winklevoss- Junior. Brenda has never been involved in any type of athletics. However she is ranked number one in her class by her GPA. She is also the junior class president. Loves the math club. Great leader, but doesnt know a thing about softball. Always on time, and does participate. Friends with Kerry and Tina. Skill Level 1. - Brock Lee- Senior. Brock enjoys staying fit through playing football and weight lifting. He is the captain of the football team, making him a great athletic leader. Hasnt played softball/ baseball since little league. Very competitive individual and hates to lose. Dates Kerry Oki. Skill level 4. - Chip Mann- Senior. Chip understands the game of softball very well. He is a competent learner and is willing to help out his teammates. He is a role player on the basketball team. He leads by example, but doesnt express it

through his voice. Very good friends with Charlie Thor, and Gordon Smith. Skill level 4. - Lola Henderson- Senior. Lola is Jimmys older sister. She is a very protective sister at that. She is not afraid to speak up and lead people in the right direction. She is a decent softball player and a competent sports person. Involved in the student council club. Skill level 3. - Gordon Smith- Junior. Gordon is not currently involved on any athletic teams, however loves to play pickup basketball with his friends and seems to excel. Very completive person however lacks the skill of hitting a softball. His fielding is very good. Sometimes shows up late to class and has a small attitude problem, mostly through competitiveness. Great friends with Chip Mann and Charlie Thor. Skill level 2. Alabama: - Tom OLeary- Junior. Tom has been a baseball player at the high school all four years. He has made the all-star team two years in a row. He is a highly skilled athlete and a decent leader. Very good friends with Jimmy Henderson. Skill level 5. - Charlie Thor- Senior. Charlie is a student who has great overall fitness. Very mature for his age and loves to run. He keeps to himself, but loves to participate. Great friends with Chip Mann and Gordon Smith. Skill level 3. - Tina Brown- Senior. Tina is a cheerleader for the high school. However, Tina doesnt necessarily enjoy other types of physical activity. It is often difficult to get Tina to participate, so it affects her grade. She is not a great leader. Good friends with Brenda. Skill level 2. - Lisa Leslie- Junior. Lisa is a very good, tall basketball player for the high school. Lisa has the potential to be a great leader, but often is self-conscious and not happy with her own performance. She has not played softball before, but demonstrates decent basic skills. Friends with Tina Brown and Tanya. Skill level 2. - Tanya Kelly- Junior. Tanya is a very well behaved student that is always trying to help. She is not involved in any sports, however tries to participate in physical education class. She gets very good grades and tries to be nice and outgoing towards everyone in the class. Skill Level 2. Missouri: - Mike Rogers- Senior. Mike seems to have a bad case of senioritis and doesnt enjoy any classes. He will participate but never really try in any particular activity. He is an outgoing individual and tries to make jokes

constantly. Does not have much softball experience. He is good friends with Luke, Zach, and Chip Mann. Skill level 3. - Luke Brennan- Senior. Luke is a very intelligent student and enjoys participating in gym class. He knows all of the rules of softball and is very competent of the skills. He shows great leadership skills. Friends with Mike and Zach. Skill level 4. - Alyssa Wilson- Junior. Alyssa is a student that doesnt always put out a great effort, but has a ton of potential in any activity she participates in. She has great hand-eye coordination in the field and batting. She is in the chorus group at school and gets decent grades. Friends with Lola and Rachel. Skill level 4. - Rachel Berry- Junior. Rachel is in chorus along with Alyssa, and she seems to participate much more when working with her friends. I decided to put her on the same team as her friend Alyssa. She is not a true leader, however shows some great qualities. Skill level 1. - T.J. Martin- Junior. TJ is a great individual with decent athletic skills. He is certainly an enthusiastic sports person and loves to play. His fitness level is good. Friendly towards everyone in class and is always trying to help out. Skill level 3. Kentucky: - Ike Taylor- Senior. Ike is a very friendly student. With his outgoing personality and high skill level, it is clear that he is a good leader. However, his downfall is his competitiveness. Often times he lets it get the best of him and he becomes angry. He is a good student with many friends. Good friends with Tim. Skill level 5. - Tim Jones- Senior. Time is one of Ikes good friends, and seems to get along with most people in class. He is a part of many clubs around the school. He has never been a huge fan of softball, but has the basic skills. Skill level 3. - Jenna Trent- Junior. Jenna has never been a great athlete, but she is certainly a literate athlete. She understands the sport of softball very well. Her sisters were great players and she was always going to their games. Jenna is not a great leader, but it always looking to help people. Skill level 2. - Zach Bonds- Senior. Zach was never the type to be an active individual. He attends gym classes but is often late. Has some potential, but doesnt put a lot of effort into the games. He keeps to himself most of the time. Skill level 1.

Gina Long- Senior. Gina tends to keep to herself most physical education classes. She is not very outgoing, but is a decent athlete. She tends to simply go with the flow. Friends with Jenna, so they should benefit. Skill level 3. LSU: - Rob Powers- Senior. Rob is simply a social butterfly. He knows everyone in class and seems to make everyone laugh. This is a great quality for a leader, as long as he stays on task. Rob tries to stay fit but would rather play video games. Rob however is excited about softball and is an enthusiastic sports person. Skill Level 4. - Jamie Curtis- Junior. Jamie enjoys every sport you ask her about. Not only does she stay fit, but she excels at sports such as softball and soccer. She plays on the school teams, and is captain of the softball team. Skill level 5. - Paul Charles- Senior. Paul is a great individual who studies hard and enjoys sports. He is very enthusiastic and is a literate sports person, knowing all rules. A great kid to have in class but doesnt seem to have much skill. Skill level 1. - Gabby Buck- Senior. Gabby has a few friends in class, but isnt necessarily outgoing or shy. She tends to just go with the flow. She participates and understands the rules. She is in chorus and is friends with Rachel and Alyssa. Skill level 2. - Phyllis George- Senior. Phyllis enjoys gym class, but often doesnt apply herself. Being a shy girl, she doesnt seem to care which team she plays on or which sport she plays. She never played softball but has sound fundamental skills. Skill level 2.

Team Selection
Teams will be selected based on the fundamental skill level of the Students. The first day is considered Draft Day for each of the teams in the Southeastern Conference. (Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, and Missouri). On this first day, the T will hold a combine that involves hitting, fielding, and throwing. The students will be ranked by the T and given a skill level between 1-5. (5 being the highest skilled). Each Team in the Southeastern Conference in this class has a combined skill level of either 14 or 15. This makes the play for the next 19 lessons/ days of the season very competitive on an even playing field. The numbered skill levels are given based on the utilization control and utilization proficiency. Proficiency being the higher skilled students. Once teams were selected, a coach was assigned to each. Followed by other roles of the team.


Role Description: Students in this role will perform several tasks and act as the leader of their respected teams. This role could also be considered a player/ coach. This player is often very skilled, and has good leadership qualities.

Tasks/ Duties:

Runs each practice Gives motivational Pep Talks before each game Deals with any conflicts during practices or games Keeps team moral high Shows sportsmanship throughout every game Shows respect to all officials and players Responsible for all actions of the team, good or bad


Role Description: The Statistician is responsible for keeping all of the stats each game. If the statistician is in game play, a player that is out will tally up the stats for the statistician to total up at the end of competition. The statistician will then hand in the stats of their team to the commissioner (teacher) after each game.

Tasks/ Duties: Record the amount of hits, errors, and RBIs of each player on the team after every game. After every game, post the stats on the bulletin board or hand in results to the teacher. Keep track of wins and losses. Add up the total season statistics at the end of the regular season and culminating event.


Role Description: Each team will be assigned one manager. The manager of each team will have responsibilities dealing with equipment, and the fields on each game.

Tasks/ Duties: Brings out the bats, softballs, and gloves to the field for every practice or game. Assigns gloves to each player on the team, that player is responsible for returning that glove. Makes sure field is in good playing condition. If not, inform the commissioner (teacher), right away. Collect all equipment from team after the game/practice. Bring equipment to the proper place after each day is complete. Make sure all players are at each practice and game. If player is absent, find a substitute for that day.


Role Description: There will be one assigned umpire for each of the six teams. This means that each game will consist of two umpires to make the game as fair as possible. Umpires will be in control of the game and make calls.

Tasks/ Duties: Consistently call balls, strikes, and outs throughout each game. Learn the rules of softball as best as possible. Provide clear and concise calls. Be fair to both teams. Communicate with statistician to maintain the score of the game. Be confident in your calls. Keep track of balls and strikes.


C. Formal Competition Softball Season Block Plan Introduce Rules and Regulations of Softball Introduce fielding skills Modified game to develop ground balls and pop flies Introduce throwing skills Chose team captains Allow time to practice skills Modified Game Introduce hitting skills Explain Duty Responsibilities Hold mini combine for the students Make mini games for the combine to assess individual skill in hitting, fielding, throwing

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Assign and introduce teams in the Southeastern conference Team names will be given chosen by the team captains Assign team duties/ roles Explain roles and officiating rules Allow captain to run team practice Preseason scrimmage (on schedule) Review all skills (swing, ground balls, fly balls, throwing mechanics)

Day 5 Demonstrate and review all skills of the game Check for understanding on rules of softball Introduce how to keep statistics Modified game Last Preseason scrimmage to practice team roles and work on team chemistry Preseason is a timed event Day 6 Skill practice held by team captain Review Preseason Collect Preseason Stats Introduce base running strategy Modified game with entire class Introduce regular season schedule

Day 7

Review Rules and check for understanding before regular season Review of base running strategy Short team practice Game 1

Day 8

Game 1 round up and review Discuss what skills were performed well and

what skills werent Team captain holds short practice with whatever the team needs to work on Game 2 Skills challenge warm up entire class as a whole Review umpire roles Game 3 Have Manager video tape each teammates at bat Short fitness warm up Encourage fitness and explain why its necessary in Softball Players will watch video on their at bat in game 3 Team meeting Game 4

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Team Practice Introduce Cut Off throw Game 5 Team Practice Skill modified game Game 6

Day 12

Day 13 Review Cut Off Throw Team practice held by Captain Game- 7 Game 8 Introduce Playoffs and how seeding works Game 9 Game 10 Review of season

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16 Start of Playoffs Teams Meet for quick end of season review Review all skills learned Playoffs Game 1/ Culminating Event/ Single Elimination Round Robin- Winners move on, losers play each other to compete for spot in standings.

Day 17

Team Practice Playoffs Game 2


Day 18 Day 19 Team meetings Team practice Championship Game Review of tournament Brackets

Review of Playoffs Skills Challenge (Home run derby, fielding, throwing) Awards Ceremony Entire class game to wrap up the season Softball Review

Day 20


Unit Outcomes
Students will be able to..

(P) Perform and carry out team duties properly throughout entire season (NASPE 1, MA CF 2.17) (C) Identify the importance of teamwork in all activities when asked in the season wrap up (NASPE 2, MA CF 2.26) (A) Demonstrate fair play and understanding throughout season and all practices (NASPE 5, MA CF 2.26)


Round 1
# 1 2 3 Home Missouri LSU Florida Score Away Tennessee Alabama Kentucky Score Location Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Date Time

Round 2
# 1 2 3 Home Alabama Tennessee LSU Score Away Missouri Kentucky Florida Score Location Location 3 Location 2 Location 1 Date Time

Round 3
# 1 2 3 Home Missouri Alabama Tennessee Score Away Kentucky Florida LSU Score Location Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Date Time

Round 4
# 1 2 3 Home Florida Kentucky Alabama Score Away Missouri LSU Tennessee Score Location Location 2 Location 1 Location 3 Date Time

Round 5
# 1 2 3 Home Missouri Florida Kentucky Score Away LSU Tennessee Alabama Score Location Location 2 Location 1 Location 3 Date Time


Round 6
# 1 2 3 Home Missouri LSU Florida Score Away Tennessee Alabama Kentucky Score Location Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Date Time

Round 7
# 1 2 3 Home Alabama Tennessee LSU Score Away Missouri Kentucky Florida Score Location Location 3 Location 2 Location 1 Date Time

Round 8
# 1 2 3 Home Missouri Alabama Tennessee Score Away Kentucky Florida LSU Score Location Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Date Time

Round 9
# 1 2 3 Home Florida Kentucky Alabama Score Away Missouri LSU Tennessee Score Location Location 2 Location 1 Location 3 Date Time

Round 10
# 1 2 3 Home Missouri Florida Kentucky Score Away LSU Tennessee Alabama Score Location Location 2 Location 1 Location 3 Date Time

Each team will play each other twice in the regular season.


Playoff Schedule Single Elimination

1st and 2nd Seeds get buys going into the playoffs.


Modified Game Beat the Ball Separate class into 2 teams. One team in the field, one at bat. Focus Fielding team must gather the ball and throw the ball to 5 teammates before batter runs all the way around the bases. If batter makes it home before 5 completed passes/catches by the fielders, the batter scores a point for his/her team. 3 Outs, teams will switch and whoever scores more wins. Focuses on throwing/catching as well as hitting.


Rules of Softball
To score more runs than the opposing team. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

On offense, batters have a wooden or aluminum bat, batting gloves for grip, and batting helmets for protection. On defense, fielders use a leather glove.

A batter can get out in a variety of ways - 3 strikes - Pop fly is caught - After ball is hit, the ball is thrown to 1st base before the batter touches the base - Any force play at 2nd 3rd and home plate Fielders must get 3 outs in order to switch and become the hitting team Batter can get a free walk to 1st base after 4 thrown balls If a batter gets hit by a pitch, they get a free walk to 1st base If a hit ball lands outside of the boundaries, it is considered a foul ball and it counts as a strike Once a ball is hit, player must run and touch all bases to score a run for their team Typically played in 7-9 innings Rules%20Simplified.pdf


Softball Quiz
1. T/F If a batter hits a ground ball, but the fielders gather it and throw it to first before the batter touches the base, the batter is out. 2. T/F When a batter is hit by a pitch, the pitcher gets another chance to throw a strike.

3. T/F The batter gets four strikes before he/she is considered out. 4. T/F If the batter gets a hit and a teammate scores a run off of that hit, it is called an RBI.

5. MC What is it called when a fielder makes a mistake on a play? A) Error B) Dropped ball C) Fumble 6. MC What is it called when a teammate catches a throw before it gets to the proper destination? A) Interception B) Cut Off C) Scoop 7. Open Ended Why is it important to Call for a ball when playing in the field? 8. Open Ended How do you field a ground ball?


Softball Quiz Answer Key 1. - T 2. - F 3. - F 4. - T 5. - A 6. - B 7. It is a big safety issue to call for a ball when youre making a play in the field. It also shows your teammate that you are going to make a play, this way not both of you are going for the same ball. 8. To field a ground ball you must
Bend your knees Place glove on the ground Scoop ball with opposite hand Keep your head on the ball Stay down until ball is in glove to avoid error


Duty Roles/ Rotations

Since there are 6 teams in the class, every team is constantly active. Students that are captains will be playing during the game.

Umpires will also be participating in the game, however both of the umpires will meet to decide on any close calls and make a decision. The fielding umpire will call balls, strikes, and outs. Managers will be participating in the game; however have a responsibility to distribute and clean up equipment.

Each team will have a statistician, but every player will be participating in each game. This means that the statistician that is NOT in the field will keep track of all stats for that half inning. The roles will switch as the teams switch.


Culminating Event/ Skills Challenge Skills Challenge # 1: Home Run Derby

1 player from each team will be selected to participate 6 athletes will take turns hitting to attempt to hit homeruns Players not in the contest will play the field and pitch Players have 10 chances/ swings to hit a homerun The field will be shortened The player with the most home runs wins the challenge

Skills Challenge # 2: Fielding Challenge

1 player from each team will be asked to participate Players from each team will vote for a teammate to participate Students will have 2 minutes to cleanly field as many ground balls/ pop flies as they can Every cleanly fielded ball will count as a point 1 student at a time Every other attempt will be either a ground ball or pop fly If a student makes an error, no point will be awarded


Skills Challenge # 3: Throwing Accuracy Competition

Each team will select one player to compete There will be various targets set up around the field (hoola hoops) Students will each get 20 softballs to throw The targets will be worth different points depending on distance of the target Whichever students gains the most points will win the competition


Awards for Season MVP:

One MVP candidate will be selected from each team BEFORE the last game of the regular season. Every player in the league will vote and determine one MVP of the league. MVP is basically the most valuable player to his/her respected teams Whichever player does the most for their team in the field and up at the plate

Most Improved:
The most improved player award is simply given to the player that has become significantly better at the end of the season, than the beginning. The most improved player shows improvements in fielding and hitting skills.

Unsung Hero:
The unsung hero is a certain player that unexpectedly stepped up for their team at a crucial time during the season. This player is not often the most skilled, but made big plays hitting and in the field to help their team win in certain situations.





Season Standings 1 2 3 4 5 6

Team LSU Alabama Kentucky Tennessee Misouri Florida

Wins 13 11 8 6 4 2

Losses 0 2 5 7 9 11

Total Runs 78 77 56 55 43 35

Total RBI's Errors 72 72 55 53 43 35 25 27 33 37 47 55


Player Stats LSU Rob Powers Jamie Curtis Paul Charles Gabby Buck Phyllis George Alabama Tom O'Leary Charlie Thor Tina Brown Lisa Leslie Tanya Kelly Kentucky Ike Taylor Tim Jones Jenna Trent Zach Bonds Gina Long Tennessee Brenda Winklevoss Brock Lee Chip Mann Lola Henderson Gordon Smith Missouri Mike Rogers Luke Brennan Alyssa Wilson Rachel Berry TJ Martin Florida Jimmy Henderson Kerry Oki Bill Buckner Sue Bird Trevor Blue

Runs 30 20 10 10 8

RBI's 34 15 10 8 5

Errors 5 1 5 5 9

29 20 10 10 8

37 20 10 3 2

5 4 5 10 3

22 18 10 5 1

20 20 8 4 3

3 10 5 5 10

15 15 15 0 10

15 15 13 1 9

10 10 6 6 5

8 8 10 8 9

7 9 11 7 9

8 9 5 10 15

12 10 8 3 2

12 9 9 2 2

5 10 10 10 20


10/15/13 This past week the LSU softball team has made history in an incredible way. Going into the playoffs at 10-0 they were the clear favorite in the Single Elimination playoffs. However, they ran into some trouble in the semifinal round against Kentucky. Kentucky came out to a quick 2-0 lead after the first two innings which was a surprise to LSU team captain Rob Powers. This was until Rob decided to take matters into his own hands. Rob then started the third inning off with a home run, which was actually only the second one hit all season by any player! If this didnt spark the team, nothing would. They then came back to win this semifinal match 4-2 over Kentucky. Moving on, they won a great championship game 5-4 over Alabama. Teamwork and dedication, were the words preached by team captain Rob Powers when asked what it takes to go undefeated an entire season.


LSU Tigers


Alabama Crimson Tide Mascot Elephant


Missouri Tigers


Kentucky Wildcats


Florida Gators


Tennessee Vols


Complete Guide to Sport Education by Daryl Siedentop, Peter A. Hastie,and Hans van der Mars, 2004, Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Rules%20Simplified.pdf,