Ten Items or Less

By Elton Camp A dash for the express lane Meg does try Because she has only three items to buy But before she can get into line In pushes a woman with a whine “I know it’s express, hope you don’t mind For I am running so very much behind.” Her cart is piled completely to the top It makes Meg wish she could call a cop Of course she minds, but it’s hard to say, “Who do you think you are? Outta the way!” What makes it all especially hard The heifer wants to use a debit card The one that food stamps replaced And on low incomes it is based Some of her items don’t qualify Thus, it’s impossible them to buy “If for dog food the debit card won’t take, That’s okay because Fido will eat steak.” By the time the mess is all sorted out If she’ll get checked Meg does doubt The woman got her groceries free Leaving Meg as mad as can be

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