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Creation of Specifict Experiences Narative assignment is one of the important point to create the ideas and opinion of people

to help them build their essay or writing task. Some of the effort could be story from the past action or any thought about something that happenin in the specific situation. Through these activity, narative also importance and influence the experience has had on everyone. This experience may be used as a springboard for reflection. Narative also present the ideas to entertain the readers with actual or imaginary experiences in difference ways. A lot of playwrigths or author of the book use narative as their tools to develop story line that based on experiences to describe the critical thinking of people who read it. I were thinking to create a sad story about my past childhood that include the purpose to allow the readers feel the pain that i felt long time ago, share my experiences from how i felt, thought, or acted and let people know my emotional at that time. In my opinion, narrative always deal with some problems which lead to the climax and them turn into a solution in order to solve the problem. Another role of narative also can be proudest, joyful, traumatic, agriest, successful or explanation about something new that people have not seen before. There is steps hat need to be clear as our skeleton, such as: Step 1: Create the purpose of the text. Who is your reader? What their expectation from your task? Step 2: Determine the point of view that represent you character. It can be first person (i,my), third person (she, he, it) or omnipotent. Step 3: Identify the setting. Be specifict and clear to describe the situation. Step 4: We can use the role of characeter or people in the narative and also remember what did they say.

Step 5: Brainstrom any possibility in the story. (planning sheet) Step 6: Think about the major event, all tye amazing moment and detail language that can help to to develop your narative. Adjective, specifict nouns and action verb could be the best effort to help you push your ideas. Step 7: Start writing!!! The result of these activity, narative helps me to determine the minute moment and desribed the feeling that happened in my story. Everyone has different thought about something in their life and in narative, they actually be able to tell the readers, how the narative assignement willing to give some of the information to push people imaging the process of that moment. I did create the line form to support my experience through steps to make the climax moment more detail. From the narative, I learn any different ways to articulate my experience to inform and entertain others. Writing a narrative also provides an opportunity to get to know individual and support our story with better understanding. Best ways to reveal who you are is to write about how you became aware of something in any situations, gained a new way of seeing the world, communication with other people and a new insight. It also make people more awareness of the past action, specially when we encounter new ideas in the future or have experience that change us in some ways.