Birla Tyre

bus. www. Birla Tyres would be producing 734 tones of tyre per day.5 million tyres.DIGILINK. and has an annual production capacity of 1. It has received ISO 9001. with production facilities in the eastern state of Orissa. Birla Tyres states that its products are exported to 43 countries. • Recently Birla Tyres entred a £85 million greenfield tyre factory in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand at Laksar (haridwar). including passenger car and light commercial radials as well as car. Orissa was set up using state-of-the-art machines with the latest technology from the world famous Pirelli of Italy. ISO 14000 and QS 9000 certification. truck and agricultural tyres. • The continuous quest for excellence saw the Birla Tyres team add many feathers to its cap.The Client • Birla Tyres entered the Indian market in 1991 and today is India’s fifth largest tyre maker. Once all the projects go on stream by 2009-end. The unit started it operation producing 257 metric tones a day. The plant in .

DIGILINK was able to exceed all these requirements as a whole with the added benefit of local sales and services support from manufacturer and DIGILINK certified System Integrator. Relaible quality product. The financial investment and manpower involved in such a task is egalitarian. Precise and thorough consideration was required before choosing the correct solution to future proof their ICT Highway. saving CapEx and Return on Investment. When Birla tyres required a major integartion of both the cabling infrastructure and active network equipment of the Birla Tyres Existing Facility at Balasore and Greenfield facility at Laksar.DIGILINK. the project was compared to cabling a small town being both the production unit are few hundred miles apart. tried and tested.The Challenge • • • • • • • • • • • • • • For its new structured cabling system Infrastructure Birla Tyres required more than a standards compliant cabling solution. A high performance. .

with high headroom passes being obtained from the DIGILINK Structured cabilng solution. Where OptiPlus OP∞ Singlemode provide Industry best Corning's SMF28e at the OptiPlus OP∞ core. with a reputation for high quality and lower associated installed costs. www.The System DIGILINK G600 Cat6 and OptiPlus OP∞ Singlemode leading structured cabling brands. where the same style of jack is used for both the panel & wall outlet exceeding the recomended channel Performance to double. G600 Cat6 provide punch down modular . A full 20 year Performance warranty has been provided. The System Integartor NetIndia Services utilized the tried and tested G600 Cat6 and OptiPlus OP∞ structured cabling solution for the Birla Tyres project Performance. reliability and budget were the main factors for choosing the DIGILINK brand along with the ease of installation for NetIndia Services.DIGILINK.

in .The Network flow Birla Tyres Projects Projects Facts & Figures 800 x Category 6 Outlet 635 x Category 6 Interconnection 24 Km of Category 6 Horizontal Cables 30 Km of CSTA Singlemode OFC 210 x SM OFC Interconnect with fusion splice Birla Tyre Network Diagram www.DIGILINK.

K Sushanth. Birla Tyres www. . AGM-IT.Client Speak “We have got stupendous support for the project form the DIGILINK’s local team and the SI from scratch till running flawless structured cabling solution” Mr.DIGILINK.

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