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Batam : Junior High School No. Weight Health Religion Address Mobile Phone E-mail : Dio Andhika Fernanda : Male : Payakumbuh.Batam Qualifications 1. Internet Literate.17.Dermott Blok R. 63 kg : Perfect : Moslem : Perum. Computer Literate (MS Word. MukaKuning. sekupang Batam. Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status Height.fernanda@gmail.2012 : Elementary School No.1. MS Excel.andhika. 4.Com . 015. january 07. etc) 2. Electronic WorkBench. Evox Rifa Indonesia. Batam : English Language Course at Handy.3. MS Outlook). Batam : Vocational High School No. 1990 : Indonesia : Students : 170 cm.Curriculum Vitae Personal Details Full Name Sex Place.2006 2006 . 3. : 085765202435 :: Dio.2003 2003 . Can Speak English and German Working Experience Working at PT.2009 2009. Proteus. MS Access. Electronic Skill( Eagle. Batam : University Of Indonesia Course & Education 2006 – 2007 2007 – 2008 : Computer & Internet Course at Solani`s Smart .Ldmicro. Tiban Indah Educational Background 1997 . MS Power Point.June 2012 Purpose : On The Job Training Position : Operator Job's Description : .Batam Period : january 2012 .

Business correspondences.       Project's data updating. 2012 Dio Andhika Fernanda . Batam. Expatriates documentation filling & follow up. and preparing for the presentation materials. October 14. Preparation of purchase requirement and purchase order. Appointment arrangement. preparing intern finance circular correspondences. Preparing for breakdown statement for the project. Translation.

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And finally I would also like to live and work in Menteng. I also speak some German. Pekanbaru (PB). I am available and waiting for interview at any time. Medan (M). After reading your advertised in www. There are a number of reasons for my applying for this post. I speak two foreign languages well. The first. I have attended a number of language courses run by the University of Indonesia. I was graduated from “University of Indonesia” this year. I would like work with children. I have the qualifications which you require: • S1 Graduate preferably in related field • Good command of English both written and spoken • Good personality. max. I am 21 years old.Letter Of Application JEND. lowongankerja. • Can operating computer. First. As you will see from my CV. 35 yrs old • Willing to be located in cities of Indonesia (Jakarta (J). willing to learn. I now feel ready to take on the challenge and responsibility of being form tutor. I would like to apply to post of an English Teacher in your course. Jakarta Center President of OXFORD ENGLISH COURSE LETJEND. October 26. Furthermore. I can be contacted most easily on the mobile phone number given above. In addition to that. SPd .SUDIRMAN STREET 45 October 25. Samarinda (SM).SUPRAPTO STREET 28-D Menteng. patient. I feel this would be useful in this work. a team player. Dio Andhika Fernanda. I have both an external qualification and internal certificates from courses. 2012 Tanah Abang. Initially I obtained a diploma from the Minister of Education. OXFORD ENGLISH COURSE. having worked as a teacher for several years. on Tuesday. Widyo Pambekti. energetic. Makasar (MKS). Jakarta Center Dear Mr. I look forward to meeting you. Sincerely. of course English. I speak fluently in English.

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