Using an Outcome Map for Effective Problem Solving: Template Suggestions and Support External Resources and Strategies

to Promote Growth Resources: Professional reading with how to deal with difficult situations/people. Strategies: Discussions with other teachers who have had similar experiences. Internal Resources Required (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude) Knowledge: background and impact on child Skills: Perseverance, honesty and a confidence to redirect the discussion as needed (Let’s get back to…) Ability to articulate the impact on the child Attitude: empathy, conviction Desired Behaviours (Sounds like… looks like…) Sounds Like: the discussion is topic specific regarding school/student and not about the family conflict Looks like: both parents in the same room at the same time to minimize misunderstandings and manipulation of information Develop a common understanding of the situations at hand Desired Outcome Presenting Problem

Offer to: Have a mock/practice meeting/parent conference Offer a variety of perspectives: parent, spouse, child

I would like to be able to communicate with these parents effectively and professionally about their son/daughter without feeling as though I am being dragged into their argument.

I am trying to communicate (email, phone calls, notes) with a divorced family, but I am continually dragged into disagreements they have about their child.

Strategic and Anticipatory Questions: Questions for the mentor: Questions to ask the new teacher: NTIP Phase 2, OCDSB

OCDSB .NTIP Phase 2.

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