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100 Most Strangest Myst

100 Most Strangest Myst


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100 Most Strangest
100 Most Strangest

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Published by: shirazjou on Jul 29, 2009
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Unexplained Mysteries Jun 04/4 20/7/04 12:24 PM Page 28


Over time, Lazar says he decided to rebel
against his employers. In the evening of
22nd March 1989 he and a friend went out to
the Groom Lake road and watched a flying
disc test flight. The following week Lazar, his
friend and three others visited the same area.
They saw a disc flight, which Huff described
as ‘the thrill of a lifetime’. The disc they
witnessed glowed extremely brightly, and
flew so close that they felt they had to move
backwards. The following week, on the way
back home from another UFO-spotting trip,
the group were seen and stopped by base
security patrolling the outlying area. The
next day Lazar was sacked from EG & G’s
employment. He has subsequently revealed
that nine discs are said to be held at S4.
Some of the unsettling things that go on at
the base are more real than others. The road
to its entrance is known as ‘The Widow’s
Highway’ because of the high numbers of

workers at the base who die through contact
with fatally poisonous materials. Many
experts suggest the area is a secret dumping
ground for toxic substances, rather than a
UFO base. In either case, the workers are
sworn to secrecy, and cannot reveal details
about what they have been handling to their
doctors. This has led to their wives
launching court proceedings against the US
government, who have traditionally refuted
the allegations on the grounds that Area 51
does not officially exist. However, a
statement made in January 2001 by President
George Bush did refer to the ‘operating
location near Groom Lake’, which is the first
official recognition of Area 51. But Bush also
said that the site was exempt from environ-
mental disclosure requirements, so the
widows are still fighting their case. But at
least we now know the place is not just a
figment of our imaginations.


Area 51

It’s out there somewhere: members of a UFOsearch team pose for the camera.

Unexplained Mysteries Jun 04/4 20/7/04 12:24 PM Page 29



a civilian aircraft and a UFO hap-
pened at 2.45am on 24th July 1948.
Captain Clarence S. Chiles and Pilot John B.
Whitted, both former US Air Force pilots,
were flying an Eastern Airlines DC-3 flight
from Atlanta, Georgia to Montgomery,
Alabama. The plane was travelling at an
altitude of 5,000 feet when both men noticed
a strange aerial vehicle approaching their
aircraft. They said it appeared to be cigar-
shaped, 400 feet long, and travelling at
around 600 miles an hour. They managed to
make out two rows of windows along its
side, which glowed bright white, and a blue
light underneath. It had no wings and its trail
rocked the DC-3 as it blasted off. For the rest
of the 1940s and 1950s many aeroplanes
were ‘buzzed’ by UFOs, and the pheno-
menon grew to such an extent that military
officials brought in a code that gagged US
commercial pilots from talking about their

On the other side of the border, in Canada,
pilots did not have to follow such
regulations. In 1966 a Canadian Pacific DC-8
was flying at a height of 35,000 feet from
Peru to Mexico City when the crew
witnessed something very odd. The Captain,
Roger Millbank, was so certain of what he
and his staff had seen that he filed an official

report with Mexican authorities. He said that
he and the co-pilot had seen two bright white
lights to the left, which gradually separated
and approached the DC-8. The lights seemed
to change in colour and intensity, and they
turned into two distinct beams, pointing in a
V-shape. They came nearer still, and finally
levelled off by the airliner’s left wing-tip.
Millbank said that in the light of the full
moon they could ‘see a shape between the
two lights, a structure which appeared to
have been thicker in the middle’. It remained
close to the DC-8 for a couple more minutes,
and then disappeared behind.
On one flight in the 1970s the passengers
on a British Airways jet had a very light-
hearted encounter with a UFO. The plane
was flying just south of the Portuguese
capital, Lisbon, when the Captain heard air
traffic control issuing a warning about a
strange object in the skies near their flight-
path. The crew of the BA flight saw a bright
light in the distance, and a cigar-shaped craft
soon appeared close-by. Realising this was
too good an opportunity to miss, the British
pilot issued an announcement over the
passenger address system, ‘Ladies and
gentlemen, if you look on the starboard side
of the plane, you will see what we believe to
be a UFO.’ The airliner reached its
destination safely.


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