From the explorative point of view, operating the production in indigenous area could be risky, let alone the

enormous benefits of underground wealth they might get. There are many cases happen so far either successfully or unsuccessfully operated. Bougainville crisis is one of the worst cases in the history of mining production because of the inefficiency of dealing with local people thereby causing the long lasting conflicts. Namibia, on the other hand, was a huge success mainly because of its effective delivery of community benefits and strong support from the community it operates. Bougainville Yes Operating model Provide equal economic benefits to the indigenous people in the area of operation Well compensated to the landowners Providing support to the community including education, infrastructure, health, and employment Result Happiness and strong support from local people Enable the development of the region through better education, health, and infrastructure Help local people to be employed, provide skills necessarily needed for careers Stability in the region, avoiding conflicts and destruction from local community Success through continued operation and profit generated for both company and local people     Environmental concerns and operation efficiency               No Namibia Yes No

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