S T. J O H N

Michele Norsa, Chief Executive Officer SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, Spa Via dei Tornabuoni 2 50123 FIRENZE FI Italia 21 October MMXIII I hope this letter finds you well, Michele. I am writing today to you to ask a favor. I was the English teacher of one of your employees, ****** ****** (modellista, portafogli), for almost two years. ****** was, is, an excellent student who demonstrated to me not only his scholastic skills and seriousness, he was a friendly character the whole time that I taught him using the Oxford University Press HEADWAY series. In this serial publication there are six volumes, and I was convinced that ****** would reach the sixth and final book where he would have been able to declare that he had finished all those student books thus reaching the ADVANCED level. Earlier this year, ****** told me he had to interrupt his lessons because his wife was not employed. I was truly disappointed. I told him I wished his spouse would eventually find employment so that we could resume our lessons and arrive at the sixth publication of HEADWAY . As of today, I have no word from ******. As you are well aware, language proficiency is a plus for any company, and I am certain FERRAGAMO is keen on this. Why shouldn't FERRAGAMO pay for ******'* lessons during this terribly difficult time for the Italian economy? ****** studied one hour and a half hour on SKYPE with me each week, and the cost of monthly lessons was around €150.00. Would you be so kind? I truly appreciate your interest in this affair. My best regards to Fiona, Diego and the children. Cordially... ASJ

The Honorable John R Phillips United States' Ambassador to Italy Embassy of the United States of America Via Vittorio Veneto 121 00187 ROMA RM Italia

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