Pesu+e: V oxnnpy paµa npojexronan je 3D moµen cnennjanne ôarepnjcxe namne ys

pasmarpane cnnx xapaxrepncrnxa xoje mopa µa ncnynn nponsnoµ oµ nnacrnunnx maca.
Taxohe, µarn cy ocnonnn nojmonn n moryhnocrn RP rexnonornja npn npojexronany
µenona oµ nnacrnunnx maca. Onncane cy cne nosnarnje RP rexnonornje, ca narnacxom
na one xojnma ce µeo moxe nspaµnrn oµ nnacrnunnx maca. Onncann cy npoônemn
npeµnponecnpana sa nponec Rapid Prototyping-a n µar npnmep npojexronanor anara sa
nnjexnnono ôpnsrane xyhnmra cnennjanne ôarepnjcxe namne.
K+yuue peuu: nnacrnune mace, npojexronane, Rapid Prototyping
Abstract: In the paper a 3D model of flashlight was designed with special consideration to
all the characteristics to be met by the product made of plastics. Also, the basic concepts of
RP technologies and capabilities in the design of plastic parts are illustrated. All major RP
technologies are described, with emphasis on those that can be used to make plastic parts.
The paper also describes problems of preprocessing for Rapid Prototyping process and
gives an example of the tool for injection molding of special flashlight casing.
Key words: plastics, design, Rapid Prototyping.

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