THIS GUIDE IS PROVIDED TO HELP YOU determine the required azimuth and elevation angles to point an antenna at a geostationary satellite. This is applicable for both uplink DCP antennas and receive site (DRGS) parabolic antennas. To use this guide, the following information is needed: 1) Latitude of Site 2) Longitude of Site 3) Equatorial Longitude of the Satellite 4) (contact Satellite Agency for this value)

1. Subtract the site longitude from the satellite longitude to determine the relative ground longitude. If the result is negative, the site is West of the satellite. Remember this for step 3. For example, a the satellite is positioned at 135° longitude, and a site is located at 77° longitude, 39° latitude, then

135° - 77° = 58º relative longitude.

Look at the nomogram (at right) and find the position that corresponds to the relative longitude and the site latitude. add 180º to the “A” number to obtain the final azimuth from true North.2. Edward C. find the point on the nomogram that corresponds to 58º relative longitude (computed in step 1) and 39º latitude. The values for the elevation and azimuth are: e = 16 deg A = 68 deg 3. Identify what quadrant the site is located in relative to the satellite and use the chart to adjust the Azimuth. 1986. Earth Quadrant Relative to Satellite NW NE SW SE True Azimuth Az 180 .” Seventh Edition. remember to take into account the local site magnetic variation from true north. Sams & Co. This value will vary depending on the location of the site. Electronics. Reference : “Reference Data for Engineers: Radio. and Communications. read the “A” curves for azimuth and read the “e” curves for elevation. From this intersection. For example. Be careful when using a compass near metal structures or objects as the readings may be inaccurate causing poor antenna pointing. Howard W. Computer.A 180 + A A 360 . the site is in the NE of the satellite because the latitude is North and the site is East of the satellite.A In the example above. Therefore.. Editor in Chief. The final values are: e = 16 deg Az = 248 deg If you use a compass for pointing the antenna. Jordan. .

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