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Hillary D.


Name of documentary, author/producer, and year.

Helvetica. Gary Hustwit. 2007. Is it "informational" or "promotional"? support your argument.

Mostly informational. The documentary emphasizes history and gives some negative opinions about Helvetica, so it isnt purely promotional. However, the overall tone of the film is favorable to Helvetica and its designers. Who is the primary audience it aimed at?

The films primary audience is the general public. It explains to them why typography matters and how designers use it. Designers already appreciate these things, so they are the films secondary audience. What is the relevance of it to specific areas/topics of our course?

Many topics discussed in this course are applied in Helvetica. The film explains how typefaces are developed and used. The people interviewed in the film discuss how typefaces can be used to communicate information, feeling, or to add visual interest. The film also emphasizes how positive and negative space are used to shape type. According to the film, how does type affects our lives?

Type affects how we perceive informationit can make words more or less understandable. It can also give text a personality or evoke particular reactions from viewers. Will you use Helvetica for your future graphic projects? (optional)

No. I dont like san-serif typefaces, and I think Helvetica is overused. Post your notes to Scribd (graded as lab).