BIOMES: An introduction

Environmental Science Ms. Rust

We’ve talked about ecosystems…what is a biome and how is it different? • An ECOSYSTEM is a collection of biotic (living)
and abiotic (non-living) factors which work together. Think of a pond. Algae, fish, cattails (biotic) work together with the sun, rocks, water (abiotic) to survive

And a biome?
• A biome is defined as an area that
has distinctive climate and organisms…meaning climate and organisms that are different from other biomes • Examples: desert and rain forest… different climate, different organisms live there • A biome can contain many ecosystems!

Back to the basics
• What is climate? Climate is NOT the same as the
daily weather. Climate = average temperature and precipitation over a long period of time
– Ex: The climate in a rain forest is very different than the climate in a desert…how so?

• Warm/humid with a lot of rain vs. dry/wet with very little

Why do we care about biomes?
• Entire biomes are being destroyed by
human actions

• How do you think the rain forest is
being destroyed? The desert?

And the biggest factor…

Your task:
• We are going to embark on a project
that will help us learn more about each biome. By learning about the biome, you will learn why it is important and why it NEEDS to be protected.

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