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Diagnostic Test

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Circle the correct linking word in each sentence.

1. He tried to play until the end of the match although / even though he had injured his
2. She didnt offer chocolates to her friends instead of / because she ate them all herself.
3. He drove from Tangier to Agadir without / because of he didnt stop for a rest.
4. She sorted out her clothes while / when she realized that she needed some new ones.
5. He was seriously ill despite / so that he refused to see a doctor.
6. They tied the thief up so that / but they didnt want him to escape.


Underline the word according to first conditional verb tense.

1. If I pass / will pass the exam, I will be very happy.

2. You won't / don't learn anything if you don't listen.
3. If you call me before lunch, I will let / let you know.
4. You get / will get a cold if you don't take your jacket.
5. If the weather is good tomorrow, we go / will go for a picnic.
6. If the train will arrive / arrives on time, I will be there for 5.30.
7. Your insurance will cost / costs more if you crash your car.