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Air pollution causes cancer, world health authority says Bradley Sheen Oct 18, 2013 This article

is about how the World Health Organization has recently added air pollution as a carcinogen. Although it has already been noted that air pollution had to ability to cause cancer, it has now officially become a carcinogen. In fact in 2010 air pollution alone killed 223,000 people world wide, mostly affected by cancer. Because scientists have noted that air pollution is so widespread, in order to effectively combat air pollution we must work on a global scale. The United States most work with other countries in order to reduce air pollution and hopefully stop the increase of cancer. I think that the production of air pollution is inevitable. The article also sates that outdoor dust leads to air pollution. All of these factors that lead to air pollution cannot be stopped; outdoor dust is naturally created, and all factories emit some type of smoke, which helps create air pollution. Unless all the factories in the world ceased to exist, then the creation of air pollution will gone on forever. The only way to perhaps protect your self from cancer is by staying away from these smoke emitting factories and be in areas that are not as congested.