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Brunswick Ghost (1903)

Brunswick Ghost (1903)

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Byron Bay Record 1903 (Jan 3)
Byron Bay Record 1903 (Jan 3)

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Published by: draculavanhelsing on Oct 22, 2013
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The Byron Bay Record (NSW : 1902 - 1924), Saturday 3 January 1903, page 7




The late H. J. McCooey, the naturalist, told the following yarn

: '


Wilson' Crook, near Mullumbimby, there is a nor house in which no man, any for a night. number of men, can remain who Some have tried it(myself among struck by some them) have been luven in out. thing invisible, and driven broad daylight, heavy stools, zinc tubs, one etc., have been violently dashed from end of the room in to the other by some visible and I a know powerful 'agency. of men who score have repeatedly wit nessed these mysterious happenings, but will not publicly say anything about the matter for fear of being rediculed. The a owner German— has been obliged to abandon the property, and can, t sell it,

cannot be worth less than JE'JIHJO. After his wife had died of shock (owing the visitation of the ghost), while being to conveyed to Lismore Hospital, the owner in it shut up the house, with everything




took employment milking lor los per is ( The week.'' above the going round of the district newpapers and we feel obliged if should old resident of any Brunswick favor or the district would us with the supposed cause of the ghostly visitation, and so get to the root of the as there must matter he a beginning to all to a ghost.-- Ed. things even JIkcohd).

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