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Para formar o present progressive utilizamos o presento do verto to be junto com o gerndio ing.

Forma afirmativa
Sujeito + be + infinitivo (-to) + ing I am waiting for you. He is working now. They are playing basketball. You are talking to much. They are fighting.

Forma negativa
Sujeito + be + not + infinitivo ( -to ) + ing I am not talking to you. I am not waiting for you. They are not playing basketball. He is not studying hard enough. You are not eating.

Forma interrogativa
Be + sujeito + infinitivo (- to ) + ing Are you kidding? What is she doing? Where are they going ( to )? Are you working? Are you studying for the test?

Coloque os verbos no present progressive: What time (you/leave) tomorrow? He ( always/make) the same mistakes! What ( you/do) here? Look! The dog (run) after the cat. I ( wait) for the bus.