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Speciation is the diverging of the two species from one common ancestor. It can happen in a multitude of ways. First, Known as Sympatric Speciation, Is the Speciation of two Species with in a common area, it can be sudden mutation of DNA that causes the two new species to be unable to mate and reproduce. Another way speciation is by Allopatric Speciation. This occurs when the parts of the species are geographically separated and after a long period of time the species lose the ability to reproduce together and develop different traits. The Model Represents the Allopatric separation. In the model, Allopatric Speciation has occurred; the two species have been geographically separated by the formation of the canyon. Because of this the two species have developed separately. Because of this these organisms diverged into two different species. After time these 2 species have become unable to mate.


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1 Speciation Is one form of evolution. TRUE FALSE Answer :True

2 Are the Two Species Able to reproduce Together? Answer : No 3 What Cause The Divergence of the two species in the Model Answer : The Geographical isolation of the Canyon Formation 4 What are the 2 main forms of Speciation? A: Allopatric And Sympatric B:HyperTonic And Hypotonic C: Agricultural And Urban D:Geographical And Natural selection Answer: A 5 What Do 2 Species that have evolved through speciation have in common? Answer: A common Ancestor