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Guided Questions for Reading Responses

Character: What words would you use to describe the protagonist (main character) in your book? What larger inferences/conclusions can you make about the protagonist? How is the character in your book changing? What caused this change? Describe the protagonists relationship with another character if it seems significant. Compare/contrast two characters in the book. How are they similar? Different? Copy lines from the book and explain what it reveals about a character. Conflict: Describe the conflict(s) that your protagonist faces. Describe how the conflict(s) in the story are resolved [fixed]. How does the protagonist in your book react to conflict? What does this reveal about him/her? Explain how the protagonists personality/traits might have caused the conflict in the book and/or helped resolve it. Setting: Describe/explain the setting of the novel not simply where and when, but information about the mood and/or the rules of the place. (This is especially good to take note of when reading fantasy books.) Does the protagonist in the book act different depending on his/her setting? Why do you think he/she does this? How might the setting be related to the conflict in the book? Theme: What did the protagonist learn/realize in the story? Did YOU learn anything from reading the story? Name a theme in the book and describe how the author developed it throughout the story. Point of View: From what point of view is the story told? (e.g. 1st person, 3rd person omniscient, 3rd person limited) Explain the advantages/limitations of narrating the novel from a particular point of view. For example, are there things that the readers know that the protagonist might not? Are the readers in just as much suspense as the protagonist? Explain how the novel would have been different if told from a different point of view. Plot (Main Events in the Story): If the book has multiple or complicated plotlines, you may write a brief summary. Explain how parts of the plot connect to each other. Explain why a major plot event is significant to the book/character. For example, is it a turning point? Does it incite a conflict?