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Sport Program- Stage 1, Term 4 2013

In term 4, students in Stage 1 will be participating in 3 specific sports; dance, cricket and oztag. Students will be involved in each activity for three weeks, with two weeks focussing on skills, the other on demonstrating those skills while participating in the actual sport.

Outcomes ALS1.6- Participates in physical activity, recognising that it can be both enjoyable and important for health. DAS1.7- Performs simple dance sequences incorporating basic movement skills and patterns. GSS1.8- Performs fundamental movement skills with equipment in minor games.





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1 and 2

Learning Experience
Throwing and catching
Assemble students in rows of 8 and hand leaders of each row a football. Get students to jog in their rows and pass the ball BACK down the row to each member. If the ball is dropped, students must run back to the beginning and start again. The aim is to run back and forth, twice, without dropping the ball. First team to finish successfully wins.


Running and Tagging

Hand out belts and 1 tag to the students. Assemble students and explain that they will be playing a game similar to bulrush. Explain that there will be three people chosen to do the tagging. Students chosen will stand in front of the group and call bulrush while the other students run to the opposite side of the field. The aim is to rip off as many tags as possible. Once students tags are ripped off, they are then part of the Bullrush team and will be tagging other students.

Game Day The Rules

- Explain that students will be divided into 2 teams. - One team is going to start off with the ball. - The opposing team must attempt to tag ONLY the person with the ball. - Once they have tagged the person doing the tagging must raise it up in the air so that the referee can see and then throw it on the ground where the person was tagged. - The person tagged must stop there, roll the ball under their legs and have the dummy half (the person waiting to collect the ball) pick up the ball and pass it BACK to another team member. - Team members with the ball must head in the direction of that

teams goal line. If they reach the goal line they must place the ball down on the ground, keeping hand/s firmly on the ball the entire time. - The opposing team must remain a certain distance away from the other team after they have been tagged. The ref must mark this spot, and all team members need to be in line or behind the ref at this time.

Aerobics and Dance

Week 1. Learning Experience
Aerobics Assemble students into equal rows Teacher acts as the instructor Start off with very basic movements using isolated body parts until students become familiar with the beat and rhythm. E.g. stomping on the spot, clapping hands As students become comfortable with the beat and rhythm, begin incorporating other steps; marches, step touch, step hamstring curl, step knee lift, step low kick, step lunge and side to side movements. Stimulus: Aerobics DVD, music Dance - Warm up activities and stretches.



- Explore movement by challenging students to move to the music and dance like: - Animals (bears, cats, monkeys, birds, underwater sea creatures) *Monsters *Ballerinas *Wrestlers etc. - Play statues - Encourage students to curl, stretch and twist at different levels, make body shapes in relation to others and explore ways of turning and twisting body parts. Stimulus: Songs Aerobics and Dance A combination of the activities from the previous two sessions.

Weeks 1 and 2 Learning Experience
Underarm throwing and catching: Four players play catch in a circle. They count each time the ball is caught without dropping it. The object of the game is to learn to successfully throw an underarm ball and to see how many times they can catch the ball before they miss it. That's the record to beat. Try to get a higher score each time. Hand- eye coordination: In the same groups of 4 students can bounce the ball to one another, similar to handball. Students are to stand in a circle, bounce the ball to one another and record how many times they can successfully bounce and hit the ball in a row without missing it. The aim is to beat their previous records. Fielding skills and over arm throw: All students stand in a large circle. One student starts off by throwing a ball over arm to a person on the opposite side of the circle. If the person catches the ball, both students swap positions in the circle by running to each others' spot. If the student misses, they do not swap positions. They must pick up the ball and attempt to throw to somebody else in the circle. Game Day Mark out the boundary of the field with markers. Set up wickets. Divide students into 2 teams; batters and fielders. Bowler/s must be chosen from each team. The main goal is to score more runs than the opposing team. There are 2 batsmen guarding each set of wickets. The fielding team bowls the cricket ball to the batsman. The batsman will hit the ball and run between wickets to score runs. Goal of the fielding team is to get the batsman out. While, the batsman has to score runs for his team. If the ball is hit over the boundary, it is worth 6 runs.