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EDU 3104 ISL Minggu 11: Baca Atrikel 2 (Santrock, 2006, m.s.

515-523) sebagai pengukuhan pembelajaran dan pelajar membuat rumusan artikel 2 dalam peta konsep dan simpan dalam portfolio.

Exploring peer relationsPeer Group Functions

Peers: individuals about the same age or maturity level

Emotional Regulation and Peer Relations

Five peer statuses

Adult-child and peer relations

Parent influences on peer relations Choice of neighborhoods, churches, schools

Social cognition
Thoughts about social matters Five steps in processing information about social world

Peer Relations in Childhood and Adolescence

Developmental changes in childhood

Early Childhood Middle/Late Childhood Average time spent

Peer contexts Interaction influenced by context; situation, location, culture Individual differences affecting peer relations




Six Functions of Friendship

Social comparison

Physical support

Ego support

STRATEGIES FOR REDUCING BULLYING Get older peers to serve as monitors for bullying and intervene when they see it taking place Develop school-wide rules nd sanctions against bullying and post them throughout the school Be aware that bullying often occurs outside the classroom Need to make a decisions about whether it is serious enough to report to school authorities or parents Encourage parents to reinforce their children's positive behaviors and model apporopriate interpersonal interactions Identify bullies and victims early and use social skills training to improve their behavior Form frinedship groups for adolescents who are regularly bullied by peers Incorporate the message of the antibullying program inta places of worship, school and other community activities