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Old boot garden
A small garden in a pair of repurposed boots is a great introduction to the joys of gardening. Strawberries make a good choice as they can be eaten straight from the boot!

Time: About 1 hour Difficulty: Hints: Choose plants that need the same
conditions. This way both will grow happily together in their boot garden.
only step: 1. Adults With your knife, carefully cut 6-8 holes between the sole and the upper boot to allow water to drain out. a few of handfuls of 2. Put small rocks or pebbles in the bottom of your boot.

What you will need:
• • • • pot plant soil a pair of old boots 1-2 plants per boot a sharp pointed knife • water • a few of handfuls of pebbles or gravel

the boot with potting 3. Fill soil. Be sure to tip the shoe onto the toe and tap firmly to allow the soil to fill the whole boot. Leave room to fit your plants in. the largest plant in 4. Plant place in the boot. Then plant your optional second smaller plant.

in gaps around the 5. Fill plants with more soil. Tap the boot softly a few times on the ground to settle the soil. Water very well.

Plants for this project:
Choose plant types that will not need a lot of soil and will not grow very big. There isn’t a lot of room inside the boot to spread large roots. Good choices are herbs, strawberries or perential flowers. Ask at a plant nursery if you are unsure.
500 Harris St Ultimo PO Box K346 Haymarket NSW 1238 Australia

your boots in 6. Place an appropriate place according to your plants needs. For this reason choose 2 plants that like similar conditions.
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