MML Command Reference and Parameter Reference

MML Command Reference describes all MML command of a
product (such as BSC/BTS/RNC/NodeB/eNodeB), including the following information: function, note, parameters, example and output description. This document is used as a reference when you are executing the MML command.

Function: Describes the functions and application
scope of the MML command.

Note: Describes the prerequisite for running the
MML command and the limitation for the system.

Parameters: Describes the parameters of the
MML command.

Example: Provides typical examples, including
functions and the parameter settings.

Output Description*: Describes the parameters
displayed in the output result.

Note: * means that the information of Output Description does not exist in all kinds of MML commands, it only exists in the maintenance commands, such as LST, DSP, RUN, RST, STR, STP, SWP, DEA, ACT, CMP, BLK, EXP, LCK, INH and so on.


• HTML format. Feature ID. Recommended Value. This document is used as a dictionary when planning radio network or interconnecting the northbound interface data. Attribute and so on. Name. Value Range. including the following information: Parameter ID.MML Command Reference and Parameter Reference Parameter Reference Parameter Reference describes the attributes of all MO parameters of a product (such as BSC/BTS/RNC/NodeB/eNodeB). users can easily see the information of the MML command related to the parameter. users can easily do searching and filtering according to the different field. Access. Mandatory and so on. Through the filtering function of the excel. There are two formats of the parameter reference: • Excel format. Through the interlinkage between parameter reference and MML command reference in this format. isKey. such as MO. 02 . Default value. Parameter Relationship. Meaning.

Take WEBLMT as an example: 03 .How to get the Reference MML Command Reference Parameter Reference You can Click and Download BSC6900 GU Product Documentation(V900R014C00) 3900 Series WCDMA NodeB Product Documentation 3900 Series LTE eNodeB Product Documentation You can also check MML online help on WEBLMT or M2000 client.

and MML Command Changes are released with software version. 04 .How to get the Delta MO and Parameter Changes MML Command Changes MO and Parameter Changes. The following documents use LTE as an example: The change description in Excel form is provided for customers to easily find required change information by sifting and filtering functions of Excel. and you can get the them from the Huawei engineers.

Improvement The 3 fields are targeted in the reference document improvement. and the continuous improvement is ongoing. Accurate Complete Convenient 7 kinds of valuable suggestions have been adopted. 05 .

it can guarantee the network operation stability.Complete Optimization of Parameter Reference(I) Add: Initial Value Source In initial network planning. Add: Parameter Relationship In network data planning. it can raise the efficiency of data planning. it can raise the efficiency and accuracy of data planning. 07 . Optimize: Impact on Radio Network Performance In network planning and adjustment.

customers can know the real-time operation status of the system by running the DSP command to improve the network operation stability.Complete Optimization of Parameter Reference(II) 1 Add: Disuse statement Informing customers the change before data interconnection can reduce the changes of interconnection tools and lower the O&M cost. 08 . 2 Add : Meaning of Enumeration Value and Bit Field Value In network planning and adjustment. Optimize: Output Description of the DSP Command In network operation and maintenance. it can help customers to configure the parameter.

I want to set the parameter of an object. What’s the default value of the parameter? Default Value I’m puzzled by the word may be. Impact on Radio Network Performance What should I pay attention to when I use a command? Note of MML Command .Accurate I am a System Engineer. I want to get more reference and guide in the networking plan and data configuration. please tell me the exact fact.

Different format 09 . • All the parameters in one excel file enables you to sort.Convenient It’s easy to use. so that you may find parameter information more easily. It’s just what I need! MML Command Reference Parameter Reference Hyperlink • There are hyperlinks to Parameter Reference in MML Command Reference. • One parameter in one html page.

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