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Schneider How to Integrate Masterpact Compact Circuit-breakers Into a Profibus Network

Schneider How to Integrate Masterpact Compact Circuit-breakers Into a Profibus Network

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Technical collection

How to integrate Masterpact/ Compact circuit-breakers into a Profibus network
Hardware/software requirements to connect Modbus communicating circuit-breakers to a Profibus network

Application note

On one side Masterpact/Compact circuit-breakers are connected to a Modbus network. This is a generic protocol converter operating in a way which is transparent to the user. aperiodically or in an event-driven way. you can take benefits of measurements. The Profibus-DP network is totally separate from the Modbus network. maintenance data. Solution using a Modbus port on the Siemens PLC 2. All these electrical data allow to contribute to Energy Efficiency. the exchanges between the content of the gateway’s memory and the Modbus slaves make up a system which is independent of the one which is entrusted with managing the exchanges between this same memory and the Profibus-DP master. The following example illustrates the independent management of each of the two networks:  . This gateway allows you to interface many products marketed by Schneider Electric with a Profibus-DP network. which can gain access to it in a number of ways (cyclical. from 40A up to 6300A. with the new generations of Schneider Electric circuit breakers (Masterpact. Solution using an Ethernet gateway on the Modbus port and an Ethernet port on the Siemens PLC 3. Compact NSX) equipped with Micrologic trip units. The main benefits of EE are: p reduction of energy comsumption p optimization of costs p improvement of power availability In industrial applications. The system guarantees the coherence of data exchanged within the shared memory. All of these Modbus exchanges make up the gateway’s "Modbus scanner" and we use the "ABC-LUFP Config Tool" software application to configure this scanner’s exchanges. 1.Introduction Today. The LUFP7 gateway behaves both as a Profibus-DP slave on the upstream network and as a Modbus RTU master on the downstream network. The frames on a network are not directly "translated" by the gateway to generate frames on the other network. alarms. Solution using the LUFP7 Profibus / Modbus gateway (Maximum Modbus slaves is 8) Let’s see in details this LUFP7 gateway solution Siemens PLC Siemens PLC Profibus Ethernet port Modbus port Circuitbreaker Ethernet gateway Profibus port Profibus gateway Siemens PLC Ethernet Modbus Circuitbreaker Circuitbreaker Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3 Understanding the LUFP7 Profibus / Modbus gateway The LUFP7 gateway allows a master located on a Profibus-DP network to enter into a dialogue with the slaves on a Modbus RTU network. Several solutions are possible to solve this connectivity issue. Every item of data exchanged in this way is made available for the Profibus-DP master. aperiodic or event-driven exchange). by the other side Siemens PLC is connected to a Profibus network. Instead. it is often requested to connect Masterpact/Compact circuit-breakers to a Siemens PLC. The gateway can carry out its data exchanges (inputs and outputs of all types) with the Modbus slaves cyclically.

gateway. 3  Female RJ45 connector for the downstream Modbus RTU 4  Six diagnostic LEDs. B / Tx+ D1 D0 To IFM 24V 0V D0 D1 0V 8 0V 8 0V To LUFP7 connector IFM To circuit-breaker Profibus side Connect the SUB-D 9-point male plug on the Profibus-DP connector to the Profibus-DP plug on the LUFP7 gateway  . A / TxD1 = B’ / Rx+. 5  Removable cover for the coding wheels used to configure the ABC-LUFP Config Tool configuration software. network. Wiring of the gateway Modbus side Female RJ45 1 2 3 LUFP7 connector Male RJ45 1 2 3 D(B) D(A) 4 5 6 7 D(B) D(A) 4 5 6 7 Blue White with Blue stripe D0 = A’ / Rx-. 6  Female Profibus-DP connector.Overview of the LUFP7 gateway 1  Removable power connector for the gateway 2  Female RJ45 connector to a PC running ( 24 V ±10%). The label describing the LEDs is stuck onto this cover.

In case the refresh time is too high. For further details about software configuration of the LUFP7 gateway with Masterpact/Compact circuit-breakers. but will act as fast as possible (minimum stop time between transactions). réalisation : Schneider Electric Photos : Schneider Electric Impression : 02-2009 . Product used Gateway Cable Product Description Gateway Profibus-DP / Modbus RTU This is a 3 meter RJ45 – strip cable. The general data are used for the gateway internal purposes How does the gateway works? The gateway has its own internal configuration that creates the link between both networks and both data space. please refer to the following document : LUFP7 with Masterpact and Compact. The important point is that the configuration is fixed. as this link is hard-coded. keep in mind that every Modbus command takes time on the bus before asking for a high refresh time.doc posted on Schneider Electric Web site. It can be use from the gateway to the Modbus network Part Number LUFP7 VW3A8306D30 © 2009 . specifications and designs change from time to time. you create the link by linking the functions (read and write) and the memory. data in its memory that will be given to the profibus master can be different from the realtime value. it is impossible to have another master in the Modbus network. rue Joseph Monier CS 30323 F. Then to send the configuration to the gateway and only then you can get data in the profibus network. Limitations of the gateway The gateway will create a bridge between Profibus and Modbus. then we can have 8 Micrologic connected to one single LUFP7. se/abc_lufp.shtml among with the Lufp7 user guide. it create some memory limitations: p The sum of Input Data and Output Data is limited to 416 bytes max. This time difference mostly depends on the number of Micrologic and the number of data requested for each (see addendum for delay calculation). E. The gateway uses its own memory map.92506 Rueil Malmaison Cedex RCS Nanterre 954 503 439 Capital social 896 313 776 € www. then from profibus I can read the current by sending a read request at the specified address. p Maximum transactions of 100 (this is 50 Modbus commands) p Maximum memory of 512 Bytes (244 bytes of inputs data and 244 bytes of output data) Moreover. Please note that this software shall be installed and used in english in order to allow a suitable import of file (for the example we provide). the gateway could not follow it.g. the Output data are the one coming from the Profibus network and will be used on the Modbus network. As Modbus network will be cyclically polled.com As standards. please ask for confirmation of the information given in this publication. When configuring the gateway. as the gateway will act in the Modbus network as a master and as a slave in the Profibus network. as it is composed of various slave). we could link the gateway with the communication profile located in the BCM (register 12000 to 12112). which is the configuration software for the LUFP7 gateway can be downloaded from http://www. As the LUFP7 cyclically polls the Micrologic.Configuration of the gateway ABC-Lufp config tool. I want the current on phase 1 to be available on profibus. in order to make the link between Modbus and Profibus networks. p Maximum slave number is 8 (this is less for Micrologic.schneider-electric.hms. Création.Schneider Electric .All rights reserved Schneider Electric Industries SAS 35. so you have to create offline all the commands and the mapping. This document has been printed on ecological paper. then the response in which I will indicate where I will write the answer (in the output data). Do not forget that communication profile needs to be activated before use (register 800 must be set to 1). if data requested from Micrologic are not specific (available in the communication profile). I have to first create the read command in the LUFP configuration. The inputs data corresponds to the data coming from Modbus that will be available on the profibus network.

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