Benedict wasn’t in school that day Christina heard and the whole day to get through without him to see or talk with at lunch recess on the field she sat through double maths in a daze of boredom catching sight of some boys on the sports field warming up for sports in their shorts and tops but it was of no thrill for her without Benedict being out there running about with his legs bare she sat all through biology writing down words from the board into her book

without interest or care sneaking a peak at the photo of him in her writing case the one he gave her for the one she gave him the other day she mused crossing the T’s and dotting the i's they’d gone onto the sports field after lunch during recess walked about away from the boys kicking ball or the girls sitting in groups laughing and chatting up near the fence beside the wood they stood he talking of some actress who'd died or committed suicide and she taking in

his neck the open shirt the tie undone his bare skin sensing unknown things feelings awaking and she listened and stood near his hand inches to hers and she talked of her mother and the moans about this and that and wanting stockings but her mother saying no you're too young and how she sneaked into her mother’s room and tried some on and he smiled and took her hand feeling her fingers between his thumb and finger pressing gently and she looked about her turned and kissed him her lips on his his words lost

his fingers pressing along her back but now she sat gazing at the girl in front whose dark brown hair was woven neatly in a plait resting on her sharp white collar and green knitted jumper if only Benedict was here she thought hands beneath the desk touching fingers holding knees pressing against each but that was all a dream and he beyond reach.

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