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50% of the letters are Each letter is correctly correctly formed. 35% formed. 18% The sizes of The sizes of The sizes of more than 7 1-4 letters 5-7 letters All letters are letters are are slightly are slightly correctly slightly smaller or smaller or located in smaller or larger than larger than relationship to larger than the space the space the lines. the space permitted by permitted by 30% permitted by the line. the line. the line. 25% 20% 12% There are There are no There are 1- There are 5more than 7 smudges or 4 smudges 7 smudges smudges or extra visible or visible or visible visible marks on the marks on the marks on marks on paper. paper. the paper. the paper. 20% 15% 12% 8% All letters All letters Angle of All letters have a have a letters have a uniform uniform varies from uniform angle with angle with 1letter to angle. 5-7 4 exceptions. letter. 15% exceptions. 12% 5% 10% All but 1 letter are formed correctly. 30% 80% of the letters are correctly formed. 25%

Relationship to Line 30%

Neatness 20%

Letter Angle 15%