Syntra –Unspoken Epilogue


Unspoken Epilogue Do you still remember, The day when you don’t belong, To the land of your own,

I want you to know that, This is the day we celebrate our independence, The day we stand up high with pride,

Do you still remember the hardships? The sorrows.. The bitterness... The hope and urge to be freed From the dark clutches of colonialism...

This is the day we pray for the prosperity and progress of our Nation, May the harmony forever remain, Let us continue the glory our heroes had gained, Hand in hand, we fight for distinction, Together, we stay united

Will you ever remember? How our heroes achieved this freedom? Will you bother to care? About the endless sacrifices they made? Will you even stop and ponder? How they fought for our right as a Malaysian.. With dignity and a truly blazing spirit...

In the spirit of goodwill As one nation, One Malaysia,

I want you to stop for a second And reminisce, The day we flew our flag of freedom from east to west, In such courage, liberty and justice..

And now, 52 years gone in a second.. And our Malaysia is still here.. Still standing proud Soaring its splendid wings And I just want you to know that, I am proud to be a Malaysian, Where at least I know I’m free, And I will never ever forget the men who died, To give that right for me....

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