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Meeting Minutes 10-16

Meeting Minutes 10-16

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Guest: Buzz Hofford
Guest: Buzz Hofford

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Published by: Student Government of Seattle U on Oct 22, 2013
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Student Government of Seattle University Representative Assembly Meeting Meeting Minutes October 16, 2013 ADAL Community Room at 6:00 p.m. I. II.

Call to Order Mallory calls the meeting to order at 6:02 PM Roll Call (initial on the line) Eric Chalmers, President _________ Mallory Barnes, Executive Vice President _________ Bharat Bhojwani, Vice President of Finance _________ Brady Carlson, Vice President of University Affairs _________ Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative _________ Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative _________ Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative_________ Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative _________ Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative - ABSENT Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative _________ Kristen James, Athletic Representative _________ Nicole Robison, Advisor _________ III. IV. V. Approval of the Minutes Motion passes to approve the minutes unanimously, Clark abstains through absentia Public Comment - None Guest Speakers – Buzz Hofford, General Manager for Bon Appétit A. New Concepts - Lunch and dinner for hot sandwiches - Sushi expanded to lunch and dinner - Taco Salads are available throughout the week Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - Always wants to keep things fresh and exciting, creative


Rice bowl is starting to catch on, one goal for Cherry Street is two kinds of service including fast serve and stations that require time Added more time-required stations, but quality has beat out the time Balance quality with speed of service, especially hard this year with the block system and the increased number of students Build-your-own-burger bar, opens to questions

Dominic: In the past years you haven’t had to wait for your chicken strips, but now you have to wait until after the hamburgers are done. Buzz: I’ll look into that. We’ve added more cheese-free options up in the bistro, vegetarians and vegans tend to be very vocal but often the purchases don’t reflect that, but we are trying to make the most of that small space. They are trying to roll out special desserts for different groups on campus Working on a replacement food cart called Dub Box, but King County has very particular restrictions so we are hoping that we get it by December or January, midnight breakfasts in front of the residents halls

B. Sustainability Commitment - Certified human pork commitment - We have a continued commitment to sustainability C. Theft - We are trying to raise awareness about this - A warning the first time, but the second time they must go through the integrity formation board D. Feedback - We encourage our customers to give us feedback, we want them to tell us right away - The staff is empowered to make sure that you are happy - There is a new website and you can direct them to anyone, even Buzz, for if they have ideas, suggestions, or complements E. Q&A Brandon: What is Bon Appetit’s stance on the $15/hr wage increase? Buzz: Bon Appétit does not have an official stance, but personally I think that our minimum is ten dollars, at Seattle U our deal is $11, our folks work really hard. They don’t make enough money in my opinion. I would like to pay them more. If the law required us to pay them, I would support it. It would mean higher prices but we would figure it out. $15/hr is not a lot of money. Samantha: How have the Midnight Madness cookies been selling? Buzz: I’m not sure. I’ve been complemented on them. Kristen: When I asked an employee why we got rid of La Coccina, they mention inclusivity, but I did not see that throughout the rest of C-Street.

Buzz: I guess the idea is that we are trying to provide more choices at that station. That is a good point; we do now have three Asian-themed stations. But our options are based on demand. I had not thought of it from an inclusivity standpoint. Kristen: Didn’t Mexican food sell really well? Buzz: Yes, but the new station is selling really well too. We have a limited number of stations so it means any time that we add something, we do have to take something away. Dominic: Do you specifically for our campus have nutritional charts? Buzz: That is a challenge we have, we don’t employ corporate recipes like other companies, we have chefs that put their own dish together. We have a big chart of data. But if you’re interested in a particular item, we do have a company nutritionist you can contact from the website. Dominic: Under what tab is the chart? Buzz: I don’t but I’ll get it to you. Eric: Thanks for putting the microwave in Pigott. On the coke dispensers, is there water on there? Buzz: Yes that’s been fixed. Kristen: Would Bon Ap every be interested in some sort of promotion with students wearing red on Fridays for some sort of discount? Buzz: I would be interested in that, or our staff wearing red on game days. Austin: Last year, I experienced a situation with raw chicken. What’s the procedure? Buzz: We should be looking at the rest of the chicken. That should not have happened. What ought to happen is the manager should be altered and the manager should alert the chicken. I don’t want to put the burden on the customer, but maybe that cashier did not do something they should have. Nikki: My question is about the renovations. Buzz: Things take a long time here. There is a study and there have been consultants hired and a review. The discussions are continuing. I proposed cost effective suggestions to the school, but I think the school is trying to think in a more long-term holistic perspective. We have some pretty serious space issues at C-Street. The numbers are higher than ever. We just don’t have the refrigeration space. There will need to be a new facility somewhere at some point, but that’s the only answer I have. Brady: We sat in on the expansion meetings last year. Is that something you see being feasible or do you see that as being a whole different place to get food. Buzz: My request was adding a food station where the espresso station is, but what I got instead was a committee. We talked about a lot of stuff, but now I don’t know where it is. Now they’ve hired someone to look at the money. How many students will they add? How much revenue will they create? I’m still hoping for the short-term fix. Buzz: Thanks for having me. Anytime you have any issue, let me know, shoot me an email.


Old Business New Business

REPA 20131016: Civic Engagement Update (Manuel Siguenza) – Discussion - We had a goal of getting 350 people to register to vote and we reached 360 - The next step is getting out the vote which will include tabling and events Raquel: What do you need from us? Manuel: I emailed out some times for training, but just tell me when you’re willing. REPA 20131016: The Petition Initiative & Designs (Eric Chalmers) – Action Eric is seeking a motion to approve Izzy’s designs Samantha moves Austin seconds The motion passes unanimously, Clark abstains through absentia A. Designs - Bumper stickers are being made - #fixitSGSU policy stickers and poster B. Petition Initiative (see Handout 1) - Agenda setting is a huge part of politics and we want to give students the ability to set their own agenda - The language allows for them to start their idea, and we hope to help people start a petition - Two benchmarks: 250 signatures for a discussion with our team, 500 will get them a meeting and the decision if this should go onto the executive team and their agenda - Guarantee: in all cases the petitions will receive a reply from the authority Brady: All we really are saying is petition, not specifically for issues, the advertisement does not have a really clear ask. Kristen: I agree. Eric: What would you suggest? I am open to suggestions. Kristen: Maybe something like ‘have an issue: make a petition’ Austin: If someone starts a tobacco free campus petition, would I be the contact person for them? Eric: You would become the contact person with them. Whatever their ask is, you will respond to it. That can also end up being more tangible support for tobacco free campus. Samantha: Not to cause a burden on the accessibility between the administration and students. For example, if something is not legitimate, what do we do? Eric: There are lots of checks throughout the process. Raquel: Do we not screen these as they come in. Eric: There’s an application process.

Dominic: Are we going to look for common themes between what people are sharing on? Eric: I will add that, it’s a good point. We could combine petitions. Mallory: I think that the President should be more involved in the process during the first stages. Nikki: I am wondering if you have considered a trial period for this. At what point is five hundred signatures the right amount. Eric: As soon as we feel that we are ready to roll it out, we will test it on a couple issues at first. Brandon: I wanted to put foreword that I think a trial period is a good idea. I’m excited to see how it works out. Without some sort of a trial these questions will be unanswered. Eric: We can have fun with our responses too. Austin: How will people sign this? Eric: SU ID is required. Brady: They have to come in and talk to us before they put up their ridiculous idea. If we get two petitions that clash (smoke free v. not smoke free) how do we react to that? Eric: This is about people just feeling like they can be part of the conversation. We would have to vote on our position and where it is. Brandon: When we were in orientation one of the goals was that we should have a unified voice, I don’t think that we have to. I think we can have our own opinions. That’s inevitable. Samantha: I have a question about SGSU as a political group verses us supporting our constituencies. Brady: What it came down to is that you are elected to represent your constituency. Eric: When we are in the room with administrators, when we come into the room with a petition with signatures, it carries more weight. It does give direction to conversation. Mallory: Have you talk to people like the VP of student development, etc.? Eric: They are all aware. I have talked to every single administrator about this. Brady: My final caveat with this is that we should put specifically put the specific call to action in the petition. We should ask for a specific call to action. Eric: We are hoping to do a trial run by the end of next week. Kristen left at 7:00 PM for a constituent meeting. VIII. Officer Reports: A) Eric Chalmers-President: a. Working on feedback on public safety’s page B) Mallory Barnes- Executive Vice President a. Wanted to update on how to add an item to the agenda

C) D) E)


i. The information needs to be in the Friday before Wednesday for either discussion or action item (vote at the end) and if you are making an action item please dress business casual b. Office hours time is for SGSU exclusive projects only, not for games or homeowork, I hope we can maintain that Bharat Bhojwani- Vice President of Finance a. Following up with US Bank b. Budget reports will be out next week Brady Carlson- Vice President of University Affairs a. Discuss how HAWC might be involved working with Coca-cola Representatives a. Clark Huey - Absent b. Brandon Moak: working on how to merge center for students with disabilities (which is hidden in the Loyola building) and linking students with disabilities with student activities, it is a skill set programming and preparing truly inclusive events c. Kristen James – Left Early d. Samantha Marshall: working on Midnight Madness, met with the director of CAPs and increasing the transparency between the students and the program e. Raquel Davalos: Gathering information about the activities fee, looking at the funding and the losses in the funding f. Dominic Ortiz: Interviewing for the Senior Week Committee email g. Austin Kawano: Read all of minutes for tobacco free information from the last two years, working on committee meeting for next week h. Logan McDonald: Minutes, petition initiative Advisors a. Nikki: Fall preview day i. Asking for the final official enrollment numbers for the cut


Committee Reports A. PAB: Snaps to Dominic, meeting tomorrow to discuss SUSS B. Steering: Contracts need to be in, retreat release form needs to be in C. Appropriations: Appropriations are this Saturday D. University Affairs: Perfecting the interview questions, and looking for committee members and making decisions about things that will impact students Announcements Adjournment at 7:36 PM

X. XI.

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