Release thread:

================================== TESTED ON ===================================
1. Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP 3
2. Photoshop CS4 Version 11.0. You can try to use a previous version or another
program altogether, although I can't support it if something doesn't work.
Below, there's a detailed rundown of all the layers and how to prepare them
for your custom skin.
3. myiHome 5.1.4 for Windows
4. Popcorn Hour A-110 with firmware 01-17-090204-15-POP-403-000
5. SpeedDial NMT v1.9.0729. Although I've only used it for the myiHome skin, the
index version uses the same images, so you should get similar results. Also
assume that even though this is for version 1.9.0729 of the skin, it may work
for future releases.
================================= INTRODUCTION =================================
This pack contains everything you need to make a custom background for the home
screen. I wish I had enough programming skills to have a full program that'll
create/automate all of these for you, so you wouldn't need Photoshop or any of
these files. This is the best I can do at this moment in time.
==================================== NOTES =====================================
Please note that you'll need basic understanding of how to use Photoshop. I've
tried to make the directions as clear and concise as possible, which is why it's
so long. Please read this document in full detail.
We're working with HD images, but we're not working with massive files. You
probably won't have to worry about hard drive space or RAM, but if it gives you
insufficient scratch disk errors, you might want to free up some hard drive
Throughout the tutorial, I'll be using file extensions. So you might want to
have your file extensions showing in case you're having a difficult time keeping
I go into detail with every aspect. Watch everything in full now so you have
less questions later.
=================================== INCLUDED ===================================
1. One (1) readme.txt file.
2. One (1) Photoshop ATN file: SpeedDialNMT.atn
================================== DIRECTIONS ==================================
1. Double click the SpeedDialNMT.atn. This should automatically start up
Photoshop and load the ACTION file.
2. Press ALT+F9 to open up the ACTIONS window if it isn't already.
3. In the ACTIONS window, click the arrow next to "SpeedDial NMT" so that it's
pointing downward, if it isn't already. You'll see "Home".

4. Open up a desired background image into Photoshop. This skin requires a
1102x656 pixel image. Use Photoshop's "Image size" and "Canvas size" tools to
resize/crop your image. If you don't do this, the script will automatically
resize it for you without any cropping, so you may get undesired stretching/
squeezing on your image if you don't resize/crop it yourself.
5. In the ACTIONS window, click once to highlight "Home". Then press the PLAY
button at the bottom of the ACTIONS window. This will result in 2 new images.
One of them is a vertical rectangle (right side of the image), and the other
is more of a square (left side of the image).
6. Save both of these images as JPEG files. Save the right side of the image as
bg-right.jpg. Save the left side of the image as bg-left.jpg. You can save
with 12 quality/baseline. You can save these to the Desktop first and move
them later, or save/overwrite directly to the "home" folder of the skin.
7. You can close all the images now. If they ask to further save, say NO.
8. Now copy/paste of the entire skin folder, where we saved our new images to.
When you paste the folder, by default, it will be named something like "Copy
of SpeedDial". Rename this to something like "SpeedDial-new". Make sure not
to put any spaces in the folder name.
9. In myiHome, do Edit > Preferences, and you should see the "Select theme"
drop-down box. Drop this box down and choose "SpeedDial-new" or whatever you
named it to. Hit OK, and reload the myiHome server on your NMT. If your new
background still doesn't load, you may have to do a full restart on your NMT.
================================== CHANGELOG ===================================
Jul 29, 09 - 1.9.0729 - 1.0 - Initial release.