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I'd like to participate in Oslo MUN 2013 for much the same reasons as - I guess - most people do:

I'd like to meet students from other cities and countries, I'd like to discuss with them about current events and I'd like to have an amazing time in Oslo. Since 2007 I have been to several MUNs, some of them abroad in new York and Maastricht, most of them however in my hometown of Hamburg and therefore I very much look forward to engage in another MUN simulation in a country I have visited only once before. During the MUNs I already visited I often participated in ECOSOC either as chair or as delegate, discussing matters ranging from Biofuel to Protection of water resources and others. However, being a delegate at the Utrecht MUN in 2011 representing Brazil in the Security Council was quite an experience and I would very much like to repeat this by engaging in Oslo MUNs Security Council this year. Seeing that the topic is one that was also discussed at this years HamMUN - albeit in another committee - I'm quite looking forward to see how the discussion will shape up - what will be different, what will be similar?