5 friends. Jai, Vishal, Adi, Yohana and Maddy. They live by covering marriages and making videos.

This leads their work to be noticed by a new comer producer who wants them to make a film for him since he has loved their work. When they meet the producer, he tells them that he is keen on doing a horror flick. He gives them a week to come up with concepts and pitch them to the producer. After a week, all of them meet the producer with their individual concepts. Finally Jai’s concept is selected and finalized. The producer clearly mentions that he will get the credit as the writer. Vishal feels extremely jealous and tries to convince the producer to listen to his story again but the producer denies and suggests him to assist his friend instead and work as a team. Vishal eventually walks away jealous and frustrated. In their next meet with the producer, he tells them that his financier needs to see a small short film that will elicit their style and look of the film, which shall be financed by him. The producer tells him that he will make all arrangements. Vishal arranges for a mansion where they would shoot the film. This is where they set up cameras and set up their equipment to capture ethereal activities which would be created by them. In the process of doing this, they soon realize that they have become victims to the demonic soul present there. Towards the climax they realize that they have been victimized by the producer who suffers split personality. The producer is a patient of split personality, a part of whose personality suffers from fear of blood and cannot see dead bodies and on the other hand he kills people who he feels can supersede him in talent. The producer hunts the 5 friends down as he realizes during the narration that they are far much better than him in terms of talent and would pose a threat to him in the same field. A part of his personality makes him conspire against the 5 friends where as it is the other part of his personality that makes him help the 5 to shoot the short film. Unfortunately, the combination of his Dissociative personalities makes him conclude the murders. At the end, he restores back to normality as he sees police cars and vans heading towards the mansion and regrets his doings. The cops are called by one of the frnd while alive