Marry and he magig mermaid
ne day in the summer at Kind land live a little poor girl name Marry. She is a kind child that always obey to his parents. On Monday she went to her school , the school name is black school. The school name black because the school painting was total

black. Marry went to er school with happynes, when she arrived to her school she was hit by her friend, Marry cry,then the teacher came and ased,”Marry why are you crying now ?”.” i cried beause my friend hited me just now, it hur me.” Replied Marry. The teacher have an idea to makeMarry stop cry.” Marry i will tell you a story abot The Magig Mermaid

t A M

he teacher told Marry the story with a laughing expression, Marry lough out lud and her friends looked at she with strange face, Marry stopped to cry. Marry interest with the mermaid the teacher has just told about , Marry went to the beach and dive into he sea but she

find nothing, Marry feel strange , “ why my teachr lied to me ?” she asked herself. t night she think and think then she sleep. A the midnight night se dreamed ,the dream is she meet a wizard named Oz , Oz told her about the mermaid tale. Marry wake up and she go out from her house , and go to the beach she dive into the sea again and

fid a beautifu castle that made u of gold,diamonds,silver,and bronze. arry meet the mgig mermaid and amazed because of the

beautifulness of the mermaid, then she asked what she wish for . Marry’s wish are she want to be a smart girl and rich people in her town. The wishe come true and she ived happily forever

« The end

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