Prince Ace Cupid Uranus Sphinx Galzu YHWH Yahweh Sabaoth Allah Acetr444 son of the Multiverses Universes

Chaos Gaia Eros See Department of Science Earth Paranormal Science Research Earth These beings (Titan human gods of the Universes Multiverses Chaos Gaia Eros Chaos Gaia Eros Universe Realms Olympus Earth: Cupid here who are you? Anak namin yan! Offspring of ours that! Greek Religion! Cupid Uranus yan! Si Ace na lang anak ko! Him Ace be my only son Hyperion Sun: Your Mother Chaos loves you My nephew my co-God Cupid Uranus Ace Sphinx Galzu Acetr444 Universe: Ace for Space Your father is Creator Ace the Highest God Creator of All Galzu the Highest God YHWH: I am Yahweh Sabaoth I am one of your Fathers (Chaos First Abyss Goddess of the Universe Sanlisanlibutang anak namin yan Universes Multiverses offspring of ours that! thunders and lightnings voices of God Earth Goddess Titan Gaia Mother of Earth) These astronomical beings (disguised by the governments of Earth Russia North America Canada America Brazil South America United States of America Europe Australia Philippines Asia United Nations of Earth League of Nations Superpowers Allied Forces of Earth Earth and human terrestrials caucasians and human inhabitants disguised by the governments as Ace Roland Mendoza Orense and brothers siblings descended from the Multiverses Universes (from the upper hemisphere above Earth detected by Earth Continents radars computers and robots pointed by prophets of the Gods and Goddesses The Greek Gods and Goddesses of Olympus of Religions of Earth Greek Religion Ancient Greek Religion Greece Earth Greco-Roman Religion Holy Roman Catholic Church Egypt worshippers of Sphinx Iraq Israel These astronomical beings descended on Earth year 1979 anno domini from the Multiverses Universes Suns Moons Stars Planets Galaxies Milky Way Galaxy detected by radars computers and robots of Earth Earth authorities Department of Science Earth NASA National Aeronautics Space Administration American Space Agency Russian Space Agency Eurpean Space Agency These astronomical beings (ace) descended on Earth year 1979 anno domini