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There Are Two Kinds of ...

There Are Two Kinds of ...


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A simple little luncheon can change your life and it can change your thinking about the way to do things! We were in a restaurant in a very small town in Missouri where you might not expect outstanding things to happen. A gentle¬man came in and sat down at our table. I still don’t know who he is nor where he came from nor who he came with because there were several of us there and he had to leave. Before he left he made an interesting statement. He said, “Frances, I know how much you’ve always loved winning people to Jesus and I want to tell you a new way and want to share it with you.”
A simple little luncheon can change your life and it can change your thinking about the way to do things! We were in a restaurant in a very small town in Missouri where you might not expect outstanding things to happen. A gentle¬man came in and sat down at our table. I still don’t know who he is nor where he came from nor who he came with because there were several of us there and he had to leave. Before he left he made an interesting statement. He said, “Frances, I know how much you’ve always loved winning people to Jesus and I want to tell you a new way and want to share it with you.”

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Published by: Charles and Frances Hunter on Oct 23, 2013
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1. Do you know there are two kinds of... …Beautiful waitresses? ...Handsome Waiters? ...Executive bag boys? ...Efficient clerks? (Or w atever a!!lies" # eir answer$ %&eally?' 2. Yes! Those who are sa ed and those who are a!out to !e! Whi"h one are you# (f t eir answer is anyt ing ot er t an$ ()m saved$ say$ $. Re%eat this after &e' Father forgive my sins. Jesus come into my heart. Make me the kind of person You want me to be. Thank You for saving me. 4. Ask the person, “Where is Jesus ri(ht now#) (f t ey answer %(n my eart$ %say %*ongratulations on being a c ild of +od, %(f t eir answer is anyt ing ot er t an$ %(n my eart$' ave t em re!eat t e !rayer after you again. When you talk to someone use the same words the angel said. It works If you change the words! it does not work. "ead the entire booklet.

There Are Two *inds Of...

* arles and Frances Hunter

There Are Two Kinds Of...
There are two kinds of people who will read this book... There are two kinds of waitresses in restaurants... There are two kinds of cashiers in grocery stores... And there are two kinds of people in the world: those who are saved and those who are about to be saved! Whi"h one are you# +++ The world is crying out for revival! Have we ade revival so co plicated and traditional that it will never take place or is there a si ple way for every church to have a great revival! "eal revival is when all believers get so e#cited about $esus we cannot talk about anything else and so we go out and talk about Hi wherever we go! %hen we have a guest speaker and people get saved& that's good& but you cannot revive that which has never been (vived.) "evival is getting *hristians re-e#cited about what happened to the

because they often lose their +eal for $esus. This little book can bring revival to you& your church& your city& your state& the whole world. +++ A si ple little luncheon can change your life and it can change your thinking about the way to do things! %e were in a restaurant in a very s all town in ,issouri where you ight not e#pect outstanding things to happen. A gentle an ca e in and sat down at our table. I sti,, don-t know who he is nor where he "a&e fro& nor who he "a&e with because there were several of us there and he had to leave. -efore he left he ade an interesting state ent. He said& (Frances& . know how uch you've always loved winning people to $esus and . want to tell you a new way and want to share it with you.) %e're always interested in learning new ways to win %eo%,e to .esus because that's the burning desire of our heart at all ti es. He said& (As soon as the waitress gets to the table . will say to her& /There are two kinds of waitresses& those who are saved and those who are about to be& which are you!) . was fascinated at the 0uestion because it doesn't give you an out!

I instant,y re"o(ni/ed it was a 0win! win) situation and there was no way you "ou,d ,ose! They are either saved or the only other answer they can give you is& (. a about to be.) . a always an (eager beaver) to try new ways& so . said& (2et e try it on the waitress. 3on't you do it& let e.) %hen the waitress ca e up . asked her the 0uestion which has now beco e so fa iliar with us at all ti es& (There are two kinds of beautiful waitresses who work in this restaurant. Those who are saved and those who are about to be& which are you!) . did not e#pect the type of reply we got at all so it was a total and a co plete shock! 4he si ply started crying and said& (-oo-hoo& boo-hoo& boohoo. . guess .' the last one.) God-s Ho,y 1%irit !eat &e to her and He had her "o&%,ete,y %re%ared and hun(ry! . was holding her hand and . didn't let it go so . said& (%onderful! "epeat this after e&) and . said& (Father& forgive y sins& $esus co e into y heart and ake e the kind of person 5ou want e to be. Thank 5ou for saving e today.) 4he repeated the prayer and once again burst into tears.

. asked her& (%here is $esus right now!) 4he said& (.n y heart!) 4he was so affected by her conversion that she had to go into the kitchen for about ten inutes and cry before she could co e back and wait on us again! .t was really a glorious e#perience and it taught us so ething. it is so easy to win %eo%,e to .esus in this ery si&%,e way. This started us training a lot of other people to do e#actly the sa e thing with incredible results. E ery "hur"h wants re i a, and yet if we want revival we ha e to %ut our faith into a"tion and (o out and do so&ethin(. %e believe with our hearts and souls if the body of *hrist in every church in the world could get the idea of going out and saying& (There are two kinds of...) to everybody they eet that we would have a worldwide revival so fast because rea, re i a, is (ettin( the !ody of 2hrist turned on and really revved up to talk about $esus! There's nothing that will send your spirit soaring ore than to win so ebody to $esus. .n a church the other day we were encouraging everybody to go out and say& (There are two kinds of people) and one lady reali+ed that her other was not saved and was in the hospital and not in

good condition. 4he i ediately left the church& went to the hospital and said& (,other& there are two kinds of patients in this hospital& those who are saved and those who are about to be. %hich are you!) -elieve it or not the other said& (. think it's about ti e and .' about to be&) and the daughter led her in a sinner's prayer. 3o you have any idea what this did to the girl when her own other repeated the sinner's prayer! "e e ber& you "annot ,ose because if the person is already saved then it is e#citing for the to hear about $esus. .f they are not saved then you have the opportunity of bringing the right into the kingdo of 8od. That is a delight to $esus because that was His sole purpose in co ing to earth. He gave us that assign ent and responsibility. %hen we do it& we are ightily blessed& and so is $esus! . want to challenge you to use your i agination in whatever situation you find yourself. 2ook at so e of these e#a ples and then (o out and do ,ikewise. +++ E ery %erson you &eet is an o%%ortunity! . had a proble with y foot and had to go to a

specialist. %hile the technician was putting on the cast& . said to hi & (There are two kinds of people who put on casts& those who are saved and those who arc about to be. %hich are you!) His response was i ediate. He said& (.' the last one.) He prayed to receive $esus. %e have continued to see hi over the onths while y foot was in the healing process. He thanks e profusely every ti e we see hi . :n a previous visit he had asked us to pray that he would pass the state e#a ination which would put hi up to a higher level professionally. %hen we went in the ne#t onth& the first thing he said was& (8od answers prayer because . passed with flying colors!) .t is so easy and so e#citing if you re e ber e ery %erson you &eet is an o%%ortunity. +++ ;eople all over the world are hungry& hungry& hungry for the bread of life and thirsty for the living water. :n a recent trip to *alifornia a li ousine picked us up to take us to the eeting place. The first 0uestion we asked the driver was& (There are two kinds of gentle en who drive li ousines&

those who are saved& and those who are about to be. %hich are you!) The an pro ptly said& (.' not only saved& .' a 4pirit-filled believer and . go to ======= church and .'ve been saved for years.) %e had the ost interesting conversation all the way out to our eeting place talking about the iracles and what $esus is doing to-day! He shared with us that he coaches a basketball tea which he asked us to pray for and asked that 8od would give hi real wisdo so that he can be an outstanding e#a ple to these young people. %hen we got into the hotel they had arranged for a wheelchair for e because of y foot and one an pushed it fro the curb about ten feet inside the hotel. Then he turned it over to another an. *harles stopped the first bell an in the hotel doorway and said& (There are two kinds of handso e bell en> did you know that!) He said he was the second one. He prayed to receive $esus as his 4avior and 2ord and then said& ($esus is in y heart) *harles got to the elevator al ost as fast as the art pushing e in the wheelchair& so our trip started off beautifully - it doesn-t take ,on(!

:n the way back they had arranged for the sa e li ousine co pany to take us back to the airport and we were hoping for the sa e driver but we got another one. :f course& the first thing we asked hi was& (There are two kinds of...) He said& (%ell& . think .' the first one.) He said it very hesitantly& so we knew what the true answer was. %e asked hi a second 0uestion& (.f you died right now& do you know that you would go to heaven!) He said& 0I think so !e"ause I-& a (ood &an. .' a *atholic.) %e said& ($ust being a good an doesn't do it& you have to be born again.) . said& (2et's repeat this so you will be sure.) He repeated the prayer with eagerness and then answered the 0uestion as to where $esus was now& knowing that $esus was in his heart. This really e#cited hi and he said& (Thank you& thank you& thank you!) Then he told us the truth. (5ou know really& y life is a ess. There are Aust things that oughtn't to be there. .' forty years old and .' not arried yet and . want to get arried. . want to 0uit s oking.) %e prayed for a wife for hi and then we prayed for deliverance fro cigarettes and to,d

hi& the on,y way not to s&oke a(ain is to not !uy any &ore "i(arettes. The trip to the airport was thirty inutes and we talked all the way about the things of 8od and what 8od could do for hi . Then when we got out& we wrote down the na es of two churches very close to where he lives in Anahei so he could go to both of the and try the out. %hen we left hi at the airport& he could not say thank you enough. :ver and over again he repeated& (This has changed y life and you don't know how uch . appreciate it.) After we got on the plane& we were blessed because we had the first two seats and we were sitting there Aust waiting while the passengers got on so the plane could take off when the an who had driven us out to the hotel ca e rushing on the plane and said& (. knew what ti e your plane was leaving and . couldn't let you go without saying thank you& thank you& thank you for what your being in y li ousine eant to e yesterday.) He was absolutely ecstatic and grateful for the fact that we had talked to hi about $esus instead of about the weather and about s og!

He did not know the other driver and we gave hi his na e and told hi to look hi up and take good care of hi because he had Aust accepted $esus as his 4avior and 2ord. There was a wheelchair waiting for e at the Houston airport and this lady had already accepted $esus as her 4avior and 2ord. Think of the lives which were affected Aust because we ask that si ple 0uestion& (There are two kinds of... & those who are saved and those who are about to be& which are you!) %e want to encourage you& not only for the sake of those people out there who are crying for so ebody to feed the & it's for your own sake because by the ti e the two of us got ho e& we were absolutely flying on a cloud Aust because of what 8od had done because we opened our ouths. +++ :n a recent trip to ,ichigan we were trying to encourage the pastor to ask everybody he et that now fa ous 0uestion& (There are two kinds of...) He was a ,itt,e re,u"tant !e"ause so&eti&es it is diffi"u,t for %eo%,e to understand that this does work. %hen the evening service was over& we had

not had any lunch and it was now close to ?? o'clock at night. He said the only place open was a 4ubway shop so we stopped there. As we were waiting at the drive-through& fro the back seat we kept saying& (There are two kinds of people who work at 4ubway&) but he cleared his throat& cleared his throat& obviously receiving an instant attack of sinus as he tried to think of so e e#cuse not to ask the 0uestion. Then suddenly he saw a car drive up behind us at the pick-up window so he said& (%ell& . can't say anything because there's a car back there now.) %e laughed at hi and told hi that it was Aust because he was (chicken.) However& the ne#t day we went to lunch at a *hinese restaurant and *harles led the waiter to $esus. %e tried to encourage the pastor and his wife to do it but they were still reluctant. %hen they saw the victory as this an accepted $esus& we saw so&ethin( !e(in to "han(e in the&. %hen lunch was over we went out to the car and thought the pastor was with us& but he was delayed a few o ents. -efore long he ca e out with his hands up in the air yelling& (HalleluAah! HalleluAah! HalleluAah! I 3ust (ot the "ashier!) He

was so e#cited because he said& (. was so surprised when . told her there were two kinds of...) 4he i ediately said& (. guess .' the second one&) and she prayed to receive $esus. This was all he needed! %hen we went into the ne#t restaurant to eat& there was a young an wearing a basketball T-shirt. The %astor 0(ot) hi& !e"ause 2har,es didn-t (et there first. *harles said to the young an& (3o you play basketball!) He said& (Dot any ore because . inAured y knee.) *harles said& (%ell& would you like $esus to heal it!) The young an said& %-es,' He pulled his pants leg up and showed *harles his badly scarred and crippled knee. 8od supernaturally intervened and gave hi a new knee. He suddenly got up and started running around the restaurant& Au ping up and down and was so e#cited because his knee was healed! He was saved! The pastor was absolutely ecstatic because he saw the second ti e he asked that 0uestion the person accepted $esus& so that was two in a row. He "an-t !e sto%%ed now! :n the way ho e they got a wheelchair for e Edoctor's ordersF. However& at the airport& the one

who picks you up outside can only take you to the ticket counter. %e asked her and she was already saved and pro ptly proceeded to give us a good testi ony about what $esus had done in her life. This always akes us feel a little disappointed because we don't get to lead so ebody else to $esus but it does e#cite the to know that there are people out there talking about $esus. 4he turned e over to another lady so we asked the sa e 0uestion and she said& (.' the second one.) As soon as she prayed the prayer& she began to cry. 4he said& (.' in the idst of a horrible divorce and if e er I needed so&ethin(4 I needed it today.) 4he was so gracious and so thankful that we had asked her that 0uestion which opened the door to give her the peace that passes all understanding. Then we prayed for their arriage and when we ca e ho e we sent her a book on how to ake your arriage e#citing. %e always try to get their na e and address so we can keep up with the and we send the a book which is pertinent to their circu stances. *o ing ho e to Houston we fell asleep on the plane so we didn't get to talk to any of the flight attendants. -ut again& there was a wheelchair

waiting for e in Houston. :ne an could only push e up fro the plane to the gate. The an at the gate was very char ing and he said he had called an electric cart to pick us up and to take us the rest of the way. %e had to sit there for a few inutes so *harles asked hi the wonderful 0uestion only this ti e he said& (There are two kinds of handso e en who ake fabulous announce ents. Those who are saved and those who are about to be. %hich are you!) The an said& (5ou know& I- e !een wonderin( for a ,on( ti&e.) *harles said& (%ell& let's get the wondering over right now&) so the an prayed to receive $esus right then and there on the spot. It-s so easy and it %rodu"es so &u"h fruit if we wi,, 3ust (et out there and do it. The devil is the one who tells you to keep your outh shut. The devil is the one who says& (.t won't work.) He is the one who puts his hand over the outh of *hristians and says& (3on't use that na e!) -ut $esus is saying& (8et out there and do it and do it now!) +++ %e have been having incredible success with this si ple little tool of winning people to $esus.

:ccasionally *harles likes to say& 0Those who ha e a""e%ted .esus and those who are about to.) . keep saying& (Those who are sa ed and those who are about to be.) He likes to put the na e of $esus in front of the . . vividly re e ber how the word (saved) struck a knife into y heart when a girl asked e& (%hen were you saved!) That's why . like to use the word (saved.) %e were discussing this recently with a pastor fro *olorado. . said to hi & (. would like to find the an who told e about how to do this! . want to thank hi because thousands of %eo%,e ha e !een sa ed as a result of this. . can't find anyone who knows who he was because as soon as . led the waitress to $esus he said& /. have another appoint ent& so . have to go now' and he got up and left!) The pastor looked very intently at us and he said& 0Did it e er dawn on you that it "ou,d ha e !een an an(e, !rin(in( God-s s%e"ia, end ti&e re i a, &essa(e# That-s the reason it-s !een so su""essfu, !e"ause it "a&e strai(ht fro& God!) He continued& 0I wou,d not "han(e one word the an(e, said!)

4hivers went up and down y spine! *harles and . were so astonished because neither of us had thought of this possibility. :nce again . called all ten people who were at the table and not one person knew who he was& ost of the don't even re e ber hi being there and none of the& heard hi& ta,kin( e5"e%t &e 67ran"es8. %e believe in our hearts and souls that the an was a s%e"ia, an(e, sent !y God to !rin( the si&%,e end ti&e re i a, &essa(e to the !ody of 2hrist! The %ord tells us in Hebrews ?:?4& %.re t ey not all ministering s!irits sent fort to minister for t ose w o will in erit salvation?' +++ A te,e%hone "a,, "an !e a ery interestin( o%%ortunity. A friend of ours answered the telephone and obviously the person did not recogni+e her voice so he said& (.' sorry& . ust have dialed the wrong telephone nu ber.) 4he said& 09o4 you (ot the ri(ht nu&!er e en if you dia,ed the wron( nu&!er.) Then she continued& (There are two kinds of people who

dial wrong nu bers& those who are saved and those who are about to be G which are you!) The an said& (. guess .' about to be because nobody ever asked e that 0uestion before.) He prayed a prayer asking $esus to co e into his heart and was so grateful and thanked her over and over and over again for asking hi that (two kinds) of 0uestion. He said& 09o one has e er asked &e if I knew .esus !efore today.) +++ .n a restaurant one day there were a nu ber of us eating together and only one waitress was taking care of us so she really had her hands full. :ne of the ladies at our table said to her& (3id you know that there are two kinds of waitresses who work in this restaurant!) The lady said& (Do& . didn't know that. %hat are they!) 4he said& (Those who are saved and those who are about to be. %hich are you!) The lady drew herself up very haughtily and said& 0I don-t dis"uss re,i(ion on the 3o!.) This could throw you so you ight back down Ewell& .' not sure what . would say at a ti e like that but you need to be alert and boldF& so this lady

said& (. don't discuss religion either. .' discussing your eternal destiny whether you want to spend eternity in heaven or hell.) The lady said& (Heaven.) :ur friend said& ("epeat this after e right now!) 4he did and got saved right on the spot. +++ %e do ost of our grocery shopping in a large super arket which is close to our condo& so we have discovered that it is vital that we not carry anything out to our car. %hen we go in even for so ething as s all as a 0uart of ilk we ask the to carry it out for us because we have a reason in the back of our inds. As they carry it out for us Eand we always ake sure that we give the a good tipF we tell the that there are two kinds of e#ecutive bag boys at the super arket& those who are saved and those who are about to be. %e have led al ost every single one of the to $esus and at this point they know us so well that they say& (:h& you got e three weeks ago) or (5ou got e two onths ago&) or so e state ent si ilar to that. %e were really delighted when su er ca e to an end so those young people would go off to

college so we could have so e new ones in there and we would have a whole new crew to work on. +++ :n a recent flight we told a flight attendant& (There are two kinds of flight attendants&) and she said to us& (.' *atholic.) . said& (That's wonderful. *atholics need to be born again. Have you ever asked $esus to co e into your heart!) 4he said& (. don't really know whether . have or not&) so she prayed the prayer right there on the plane. This is the ost incredible way to win so ebody to $esus. $ust try it and see what happens. +++ %hen we were getting off of a plane recently we went to get our luggage and *harles asked the aircap the wonderful (two kinds of) 0uestion and the aircap said& (.' not interested.) %hen he got our luggage *harles noticed that he was li ping so he said to hi & (%hat's the atter with you!) The an said& (. have a bad knee.)

*harles said& (4it down and let's let $esus heal your knee.) %hen you go with the anointin( of God it is a&a/in( what %eo%,e wi,, do& so the an pro ptly sat down. *harles easured his legs. The one leg was short because of the bad knee proble . .t grew out and the an was instantly healed. He Au ped up and down& accepted $esus and he said& (.' going upstairs and te,, a,, the other air"a%s what ha%%ened to &e!) +++ Two friends of ours went to a store after a service and while the an was standing outside he saw an old an sitting there who was yawning. :ur friend ade the usual greetings and said& (5ou ust be tired.) The an said& 0Yes4 I-& re:tired.) :ur friend said$ (%ell& .' retired too& did you know that there are two kinds of retired people those who are saved and those who are about to be!) The an said& (. guess .' the one that is about to be because . never have before&) so he accepted $esus as his 4avior and 2ord.

+++ .n a restaurant& one of our party had asked all of the people there about salvation and it see ed that all of the were saved. %hen they went to pay their bill& the anager was at the cash register. He asked& (%hat is that you've been doing!) so she told hi . He said& (%ell& you know& .' a *hristian. . think that's absolutely wonderful but how do you do it!) 4he said& (%ait a inute. Here co es a lady.) A lady ca e up who was a chef at the restaurant. :ur friend said& (There are two kinds of chefs at this restaurant. :ne who is saved and one who is about to be - which one are you!) The wo an broke into tears and began to cry and she said& (. guess .' the one that's about to.) 4he prayed the sinner's prayer and then the &ana(er of the restaurant !roke into tears !e"ause this was his wife! He had been praying for her a long ti e! +++ %e were riding in a car while the associate pastor of a church was showing us so e of their

property. %hen we ca e back we discovered there was a brand new red truck parked right at the driveway leading to the church. This church is way out in the country and it was unusual that there would be so ebody parked there. %e stopped the car and the driver of our car said& (.s there anything we can do to help you!) The young an said& (Do& .' Aust out here videoing deer.) %e had seen a deer the night before so we knew there was a legiti ate reason. %e were trying to teach this particular church how to do the (two kinds of) thing and show the how easy it was. The associate pastor in the car said to hi & (%here are you fro !) The young an replied& (.' fro Hlgin.) We whis%ered fro& the !a"k seat4 (Tell hi there are two kinds of people fro Hlgin.) The pastor's wife was riding in the front seat and she got the idea really 0uickly. 4he said& (There are two kinds of people who live in Hlgin. Those who are saved and those who are about to be& which are you!) To her utter a a+e ent he said& (. guess .' the second one.)

4he sat there and . whispered& (Tell hi to repeat this after you&) because you don-t want to e er dro% so&eone without takin( the order. The inute they say& (. guess .' the second one&) say ("epeat this after e.) 5ou will notice we do not say& (;ray this after e&) we say& ("epeat this after e.) .f you say& (;ray this after e&) it will often frighten the but if you Aust say& ("epeat this after e&) when you go in the power of the Holy 8host they will repeat after you. After the young an had said the prayer she asked hi where $esus was and he said& (.n y heart.) And . wish you could have seen the e#pression on his face! +++ %e went to ;ortugal and # ere .re #wo /inds Of... caught on all over that nation. %e didn't do very uch of it because we can't speak ;ortuguese but we had one of the associate pastors who really got the idea. %e went into the ;i++a Hut and he said to a an& (There are two kinds of people who work in this ;i++a Hut. :ne who is saved and one who is about to be.)

The an said& (. know& . was at the service last night and . heard this lady say that because . belong to that church.) He said& 0I (ot two others this &ornin( 3ust !y askin( the& that sa&e thin(.) .n ;ortugal they do not have enough roo to park when you go to a restaurant so the thing you have to do is to take a ta#i to the restaurant because you can absolutely never find a place to park. :n the way back the pastor with us said to the ta#i driver& (There are two kinds of en who drive ta#is.) This was in ;ortuguese and the an gave an e#cuse& which so e people atte pt to do. The driver said& (%ell& . don't know how anybody could accept $esus when the world is in such a bad condition as it is.) He began to ra ble along that line. %hen we got back to the hotel everybody got out of the ta#i before . did and the an turned around like he was going to tell e a secret that the rest of the didn't know. He said& (3o you know . speak Hnglish!) . said& (8reat! Dow& you can repeat this after e in Hnglish and get saved.) When you know

who you are in 2hrist and you (o with the anointin( of God4 they will do what you ask the to do so he pro ptly prayed the sinner's prayer. HalleluAah! %e recently received a phone call fro this ;ortugal pastor when he was in the I4 and he was bursting with e#cite ent! He said& (Fro the ti e . led the aircap to $esus and got to the international gate& . led ten people to $esus!) +++ %e were recently having a late dinner at a hotel after a eeting and we had to go through a bar area to get into the dining roo . *harles saw a lady co ing out of the bar and told her that& (There are two kinds of people who work in a dining roo who also have to work in a bar& those who are saved and those who are about to be which are you!) Her answer was very interesting because she said& (. a a ,osle .) *harles then said& 0There are two kinds of ;os,e&s4 those who want to go to heaven and those who want to go to hell.) 4he said& (. want to go to heaven&) so she i ediately prayed the

sinner's prayer and when he asked her where $esus was she said& (.n y heart!) E ery indi idua, is an o%%ortunity! +++ %e were standing outside of a otel in Dew 5ork waiting for so eone to pick us up to take us to the airport when the girl who was at the desk at the hotel ca e out and said& (. Aust have to get out of that place and have a cigarette.) You "an take ad anta(e of anythin( that any!ody says so . said& (5ou know& . used to s oke five packages of cigarettes a day but $esus set e free.) Then . said& (There are two kinds of people who work in a hotel like this - those who have accepted $esus as their 4avior and 2ord and those who are about to. %hich are you!) 4he answered& 0Do you think He "ou,d set &e free of "i(arettes#) . said& (.f He set e free& He can certainly set you free. "epeat this after e right now.) 4he prayed the prayer asking $esus to co e into her heart and then we prayed and asked Hi to totally set her free of the desire for any and all cigarettes. +++

:ne night on the way ho e fro a eeting& we stopped at a grocery store called 2ucky's. There were no custo ers in the store because they were getting ready to close. *harles went in and when he got to the cashier he said& (.' sorry . had to hold you up for a few inutes.) 4he said& (:h& if you only knew how tired . a .) *harles said& (%ell& . know so ebody who can give you a lot ore energy.) Then he said& (There are two kinds of cashiers at 2ucky's store&) and you know the answer a,ready. 4he said& (.' the one that's about to.) 4o she prayed and accepted $esus and then *harles asked $esus to really give her so e supernatural energy. +++ %e had been sharing this in churches and it is a a+ing how fast children catch on! At the ne#t service& a other ca e in and said& (%e went to Taco -ell for lunch and y little girl said to the cashier& /There are two kinds of cashiers at Taco -ell& those who are saved and those who are about to be. %hich are you!' The girl said& (.' about to be saved.) The little seven-year-old panicked and said& 0;other4 what do I do now#) Her other ca e

right up and led the Taco -ell cashier to the 2ord. *hildren love to do things like this and so do adults. .t is transfor ing people who love $esus because they have discovered how easy it is to reap the harvest! +++ (5esterday . received a newspaper fro the Happy Hunters and . read that there are two kinds of people. %hen . went outside . called for y kitty which was lost and as . started back to go in the house . heard this stutterer saying& (. hear a kitty.) . asked this an if he would believe with e that $esus would heal. He did. Then . told hi of two kinds of people and he asked $esus to co e into his heart. Then . said there was ore. 8od delivered hi fro alcohol and filled hi with the Holy 4pirit all within five inutes. He went on praising 8od down the street. 8od is so real. . gave hi a book on his spiritual walk and for his growth.) +++ 4o eti es people ask& (3oes this really work! %hat happens to the people after they say the sinner's prayer!) E5a"t,y the sa&e thin( that

ha%%ens when they (o to an a,tar at a "hur"h or at a !i( "rusade. .t depends on the sincerity of their prayer. Three years ago we stopped at the Ta pa airport and had nachos for breakfast because we think nachos for breakfast are one of the greatest things anyone can eat. %hile we were there& we led the young lady to $esus. %e ca e back the following year and were looking at our tickets to ake sure that we knew e#actly what ti e our plane left. %e didn't really look up and *harles said& (3o you know there are two kinds of waitresses in this restaurant!) 1he said4 0You (ot &e ,ast year4 re&e&!er# And would you like to know what happened!) 4he proceeded to tell us what 8od had done in her life in the year since she had accepted $esus. %e went back again this year and she was co ing to work Aust as *harles and . walked in& once again to have nachos for breakfast. 4he ran up and hugged us like we were her other and father. 4he said& (5ou don't have to tell e who you are& but I want to te,, you what has ha%%ened to &e in the ,ast year.' 4he went on to tell us how she had graduated fro the university with honors and how

she had bought herself a ho e. 4he said& (All of this is only because of the fact that you led e to $esus three years ago! How wonderfully y life has changed since then!) Don-t e er underesti&ate the %ower of the Ho,y 1%irit to pick up the people who really ean business and put the where they need to be put! 4o e people really get the essage of (There are two kinds of...) and other people don't& but how we love the ones who do. +++ 4o e friends of ours were in the airport in Dewark on the way to "ussia and they were thirsty. They saw a girl there with a bottle of water so they asked her where she got it. 4he said& (.n the e ployees' lounge.) Then they said& (There are two kinds of people who work at this airport& those who are saved and those who are about to be& which are you!) 4he said& (. guess .' about to be&) so she prayed to receive $esus. Then they said& (%ell& not only do you have bottled water now& you ha e ,i in( water as we,,!) +++

There are opportunities wherever you go! A friend of ours took a friend of hers to the hospital and was waiting outside on the benches in the e&er(en"y roo&. There was another an sitting there who had apparently been sitting there a long ti e because he was yawning. 4he asked hi if he was tired and he said yes& because he had been there such a long ti e. 4he said& (There are two kinds of tired people who wait in the e ergency roo & those who are saved and those who are about to be& which one are you!) He said& 0I (uess I need to !e!) He prayed to receive $esus as his 4avior and 2ord Aust sitting on the benches outside waiting to hear bad news about so eone on the inside. ;eople are HID8"5 for the good news of 8od if we will only open our ouths and talk to the . +++ %e challenge you to take advantage of every opportunity E%ersonF who co es before you! $esus said& (8o into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.) As we were finishing this book we went to have a 0uick dinner at a local fast food place. %e were waiting for our order when a little four-year-old

girl ca e over and asked& (3o you know $esus!) . said& %5es$ do you know Hi !) 4he said& (5es.) . said& (3o you love Hi like . do!) And she said& (5es& . love Hi very uch.) %hile this conversation was going on& a young lady ca e up and said& (. a the waitress here& so if there is anything that you need after you pick up your order& .'ll be very glad to get it for you.) 4he said& 0Is there anythin( I "an do for you ri(ht now#) *harles said& 0Yes. You "an answer this <uestion. There are two kinds of beautiful waitresses in this restaurant. Those who are saved and those who are about to be& which are you!) There was no hesitation whatsoever. 4he si ply said& (.' the one about to be&) so she prayed the sinner's prayer. The lady at the ne#t table overheard us and she said& (. couldn't help but hear that Da e. . want to talk to you because you ust have been leading that lady to $esus.) 4he had no ore than gotten these words out of her outh when this sa e waitress ca e back with a young an. 4he said& 0Wou,d you %,ease (i e hi& what you (a e &e !e"ause he needs it too.) 4o *harles asked the

young an the 0uestion and he accepted $esus as his 4avior and 2ord. -y this ti e the conversation on our side of the restaurant was about $esus& so we were really having an e#citing ti e although we hardly had the opportunity to eat any of our dinner Ewho cares!F. The sa e waitress ca e back again and said& (.'ve got another one for you. %ould you give to hi what you gave to e because he rea,,y needs it. He sto,e &y ti% yesterday!) The thing that e#cited us so uch was the fact that when that one girl got the essage she really took off. %hen we left she said& (%ould you please co e back to dinner again real soon because . have a lot of the in here that . would like to bring over to you!) If we "ou,d 3ust (et one %erson ,ike that at ea"h of our "hur"hes4 wou,dn-t it !e e5"itin(...es%e"ia,,y if that one %erson was YO=!


>oints To Re&e&!er
?. Hvery person you advantage of it! eet is an opportunity. Take

B. 3on't change the wording the angel gave! C. 4ay& ("epeat after will scare the sinner. e!) .f you say& (;ray) you

4. After they pray& always ask the & (%here is $esus right now!) A: (.n y heart!) 0at er in t e 1ame of 2esus$ we ask -ou to anoint every !erson w o reads t is book to be a su!ernatural soul winner, 3 * arles and 0rances Hunter +++
* arles and 0rancis Hunter are gifted writers w o ave gone on to be wit 2esus$ t e One t ey loved so muc . 2oan Hunter is t eir daug ter$ and s e can be reac ed at tt!4556oan unter.org 7ublis ed originally by #unter $ooks


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