COPA Extraction Steps

The below are the command steps and explanation. COPA Extraction -steps R/3 System 1. KEB0 2. Select Datasource 1_CO_PA_CCA 3. Select Field Name for Partitioning (Eg, Ccode) 4. Initialise 5. Select characteristics & Value Fields & Key Figures 6. Select Development Class/Local Object 7. Workbench Request 8. Edit your Data Source to Select/Hide Fields 9. Extract Checker at RSA3 & Extract BW 1. Replicate Data Source 2. Assign Info Source 3. Transfer all Data Source elements to Info Source 4. Activate Info Source 5. Create Cube on Infoprovider (Copy str from Infosource) 6. Go to Dimensions and create dimensions, Define & Assign 7. Check & Activate 8. Create Update Rules 9. Insert/Modify KF and write routines (const, formula, abap) 10. Activate 11. Create InfoPackage for Initialization 12. Maintain Infopackage 13. Under Update Tab Select Initialize delta on Infopackage 14. Schedule/Monitor 15. Create Another InfoPackage for Delta 16. Check on DELTA OptionPls r 17. Ready for Delta Load LIS, CO/PA, and FI/SL are Customer Generated Generic Extractors, and LO is BW Content Extractors. LIS is a cross application component LIS of SAP R/3 , which includes, Sales Information System, Purchasing Information System, Inventory Controlling.... Similarly CO/PA and FI/SL are used for specific Application Component of SAP R/3. CO/PA collects all the OLTP data for calculating contribution margins (sales, cost of sales, overhead costs). FI/SL collects all the OLTP data for financial accounting, special ledger

So now you can ReInit. 4. Reference OSS note: 852443 1.. sometimes there is nothing here for the datasource. 7. Interview Questions and Configuration SAP BW Tips SAP BW Tips and Business Information Warehouse Discussion Forum . Now you will be able to open the infopackage. If you are adding the fields from the same "Operating concern" then goto KE24 and edit the dataaource and add your fields.Certification. But before you try to ReInit .Chand Related   SAP BW Interview Questions 1 SAP BW Interview Questions 2 Get help for your SAP BW problems SAP BW Forum .1) Add the fields to the operating concern.. If you recreate using a different name then you will be needing extra build efforts to take the data into BW through IS all the way top to IC.Do you have a SAP BW Question? SAP Business Warehouse Books SAP BW Books . On BW go to SE16 and open the table RSSDLINIT 3. 2) After you have enhanced the operating concern then you are ready to add it to the COPA data source. 3) While re-creating the data source use the same old name so that there won't be any changes in the BW side when you need to assign the data source to info-source. sometimes there is) 2.. Delete the line(s) in question from RSSDLINIT table 6. So that the required field is visible in CE1XXXX table and other concerned tables CE2XXXX. Since CO-PA is a regenerating application you can't add the field directly to the CO-PA data source. Just replicate the new data source in BW side and map the new field in info-source. You need to delete the data source and then need to re-create using KEB2 transaction. In the infopackage go to the 'Scheduler' menu > 'Initialization options for the source system' and delete the existing INIT (if one is listed) *-. (just to see. You can check the load status in RSRQ using the RNR from the table 5. Check RSA7 on your R3 to see if there is any delta queue for COPA. Find the line(s) corresponding to the problem datasource. I would personally suggest keep the same old data source name as before. CE3XXXX etc. However if you are adding fields outside the "Operating concern" then you need to append the extract structure and populate the fields in user exit using ABAP code.

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